Rogers.  D.Scn. ( wrote:
>I guess my basic point of disagreement with Homer (and Theosophy and many 
>Eastern beliefs) is NOT really to do with any cosmic truths or even cosmic 

     Ah you have me confused with prior religions and philosphies.

     So you are probably right, they were all nonsense, or your
understandings of them were.
     I agree.
>It's just the peculiar situation of a person - sitting in the mest 
>universe - insisting it's not real.


     The experience is actual.

     The out there-ness is an illusion.

     The cause between objects out there is an illusion.

     The consequtive now, now, now is an illusion

     The different materiality of objects is an illusion.

     The experience of the object, free from added significances of
out thereness, consequtive consideration, causal relation, and
matereality, is actual.

     Added significances of out thereness, consequtive consideration,
causal relation and materiality are ALTER-IS and result in

     The basic lie is the assertion that an illusion is actual.

     Since this basic lie is necessary to create a persistence we
don't want to unmock assertion as a lie now do we?

>But again, from the vantage point of sitting IN the mest universe, the same 
>statement becomes a pointless, useless, DENIAL.  It becomes a NOT-ISNESS.

     Says you.

     All truth can be used as a not-isness, it becomes then an
enforced basic truth, the source of all aberration.

     As-is is very close to not-isness, both result in 'nothing there'
of a sort.

     Not-isness produces a 'nothing there' which is very real to the
thetan but not actual, its an illusion.  He thinks it's actual so it
persists as a nothing there.

     As-isness produces an actual 'nothing there'.

     A dumb thetan will ask "What's the difference?"

     Like a "What wall?" case or a "Prove it!" case, a "What's the
difference case" isn't really worth auditing.

     "Virtual = Actual" to a "What's the difference?" case.

     The dream is actual, the assignments of cause are only real, they
are illusions.  The out thereness is also an illusion, other beings
aren't actually out there, even though they look like it.  All beings
are together on the same 'point' at all times.

     Separation is an illusion.

     You can say well what difference does it make if its an illusion?

     Illusions can be withdrawn thus ending them, actualities can't.
     They are carting your one and only true love off on a boat while
you stand in the burning ruins of the shore.  You wave good bye
knowing you will never see her again.  Why?  BECUSE YOU THINK SHE IS
OUT THERE!  And you can't get there from here.

     But she isn't out there, she's right where you are on the shore,
that's why you can have telepathy with her more intimate than
imaginable, and cast a 'remote view point' to 'where she is' and be
with here to the end of time if you want.

     Remote viewpoints aren't actually remote, they are local, beings
are not separated, you just need to tune in to them as they are right
where you are at all times.

     Trying to tune into a being 'out there' DOESN'T WORK!  It's
enough of an alter-is to make SURE it doesn't work.
     If separation were actual, you wouldn't be able to cast 'remote
view points' or have instantaneous telepathy, let alone certainty they
even existed.

>How can the same basic utterance be true AND false?  Well, you have to 
>appreciate that even that Static Thetan's utterance isn't absolutely true. 
>Put it this way, (ignoring the "absolutes are unobtainable" concept right 
>now) it isn't absolutely all-encompassing truth.  And the guy sitting in the 
>mest universe's statement isn't absolutely false - but may I suggest, it's 
>absolutely unhelpful, and I'm sure, in practice, it equates to Denial of 

     So says you.  Someday you will grok how YOU are in denial of
illusion by asserting no illusion.


     Source of Illusion
     Know about Illusion
     Curious about Illusion
     Desiring Illusion
     Enforcing Illusion
     Inhibiting Illusion
     *NO* Illusion
     Refused Illusion


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