The Static has two states.

     Something there and nothing there.

     Something there is consciousness-of, called the Dreamtime.

     Nothing there is no consciousness-of, called the Big Snooze.

     Static casts images, conscious experiences, in itself of what static
is not, space, time, kinetics.  Dimensionality and change.

     During the dreamtime, the static is Self Luminous.

     Nothing lights the objects in consciousness-of, they glow by

     Some objects, such as a light bulb, are considered to be sources
of light, which then light the other objects in the room which are
considered to be reflectors.

     This is an illusion of hook together.  Both glow on their own.

     You can turn off the light bulb and the room would stay lit.

     This is OT exterior with full perception.

     Ever have the lights go on in your head?


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