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>>    The out there-ness is an illusion.

>It's not as though I can't get the concept you're presenting here, Homer, 
>it's just I don't understand why anybody would insist on contemplating 
>considerations that collapse space?

     The collapsing space means they are true.

     It puts responsibility for the creation of the illusion of space
back in the pc's hands.  If he isnt' up to that, he collapses as you
say.  Very hard.

     But we are creating OT's here, not noodle-oos, if an OT wants to
be exterior will full perception, he had better be able to put space
"out there", all of it and put it on automatic so it doesn't cave in
on him until he wants to exteriorize from space/time totally.

>Anybody who has a "case" is not going to be helped by collapsing space. 
>(Hmmm, that rhymes.)

>One can't even have a key-out if one has no space.

>In fact, "no-space" is perhaps the common denominator of all types of 
>"resistive case."


     *ENFORCED* no space is the common denominator of all types of
resistive case.

     *ENFORCED BASIC TRUTH* is the common denominator of all

     Thus enforced no space is enforced basic truth, thus basic truth

     Even when he thinks he has space, he STILL doesn't actually have
space.  He has instead something that LOOKS like space but which
itself does not take up any space.  So space was never actual.
Considering space actual creates an alter-is of its true nature, which
then causes its persistence.
     The being was making dream space just fine as illusion, became
convinced of its actuality on his own choice, resented the lie, began
to protest and withdraw from it, and eventually became a dot as Alan
calls them.

     The being knows he can make dream space and is happy doing so.

     He knows very well NOTHING could make actual space.

     Once he believes space is actual, he fractures his connection
with having made it as dream space.

     Then he has an ARCX of magnitude which can not be fixed, because
something he couldn't have created can't be destroyed by him either.
So he becomes owned by it, created by it, made out of it, and
eventually a meatball.

     Once he realizes he is dreaming, he remembers that space is a
dreamtime illusion that itself doesn't take up any space, and thus he
can make it again, and MUST make it in order to not cave in, and he
starts to take over the automaticities he put up to keep space going
on 'its own', and pretty soon he's OT exterior will full perception.


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