What we are doing here in these series of postings on the true
nature of static and space is running the process

     "Conceive a Static"

     The first and primary characteristic of a static is zero

     It has no dimension in any direction in which to have extension,
i.e.  length, breadth, width, etc, including no time.

     People cave in trying to conceive the AllThatIs as a zero
dimensional entity because they confuse zero dimensionality with a 3
dimensional point.

     A point is a 3 dimensional entity with zero extension in each of 3
different directions.

     Just as a cube of gold may have a volume of 2 x 2 x 2 or 8 cubic
inches, a point has a volume of 0 x 0 x 0 or 0 cubic inches.

     THAT'S NO GOLD, now isn't it?

     So a point is a physical nothing.

     Nothing can fit on a point, because a point is a nothing,

     So trying to stick the AllThatIs onto a 0x0x0 point is foolish and
causes the collapse of dreamtime space.

     We are trying to run conceive a static, not conceive a point or a

     The static is not a 3 dimensional entity, not even a point of 0x0x0

     A static is a scalar entity of zero dimensions.

     A scalar entity is not a 3 dimensional entity, it doesn't have 3
dimensions, it has zero dimensions.  It has NO DIRECTION in which to
have any extension, let alone zero extension!

     You have to have at least one dimension to have zero extension in
that direction to end up a physical nothing!

     Zero extension in any one of your dimensions makes you a nothing.

     Even a 2 x 2 x 0 piece of gold is no gold.

     If you have zero dimensions, then you can't have zero extension in
any direction, so you can't be a nothing.  You end up being a something!

     So the AllThatIs is a zero dimensional scalar entity called a

     Since it has no dimensions of any kind in its true nature,
including space or time dimensions, it is with out space or time or any
other kind of dimensionality.

     Since it has no dimension, it can have no direction in which to
extend itself, so there is nowhere for anything to move or go.  Thus
there can be no motion or energy.

     It can however cast illusions of dimensionality within itself.

     This may sound absurd on the face of it, but be grateful.  It is
absurd that anything exists at all, let alone this thing of which we

     In fact if you aren't getting the absurdity of the static, you
aren't anywhere near conceiving it.

     Casting illusion of dimensionality within itself is what Ron called
'postulation and consideration'.

     A postulate is a posted beingness.  The static posts one or more
conscious experiences, or objects.

     Remember colorforms as a kid?  Black board with colored vinyl
shapes and forms.  You press one of the color forms to the board and it
stays up there?  That's a posted beingness.

     A posted beingness is any object in consciousness exactly as it is.

     A posted beingness has location in space but no location nor
movement in time yet.
     The static then makes considerations about those posted
beingnesses, namely how they came to be, what they are used for and how
they cause and effect each other to change state thus creating time.

     Considerations are added significance to a posted beingness and
cause its persistence in time via 'caused' changes in state.

     Stripping all considerations from a posted beingness, particularly
illusory ones that aren't actually true, returns the posted beingness to
its original state of as-isness, at which point, if the being let's go
of creating it, it will vanish.

     We say illusory, because the castings or posted beingnesses look
like they have space and time when viewed from inside their dream space,
but they continue nonetheless to be castings in the zero dimensional
static.  So at no time is anything with actual dimension actually made.

     Just because something looks like it takes up space, doesn't mean
it does.

     So this is all very important material because an OT exterior with
full perception CAN CONCEIVE A STATIC.

     He gets his power from being able to do so.

     "Power stems from operating Majesty.

     Majesty is Master of Jest, mastery of jokes." - Adore

     Operating Majesty is the static casting illusions of dimensionality
within its own non dimensional fabric.

     Now the joke is, static is all around you.

     Look AT ANYTHING, and you are looking at the static!

     Want to see some static?  Look at the monitor in front of your
face.  Look at the walls, hear the sounds, feel the floor, or an

     It may look like its out there, it may look like its timing now,
now, now, etc, it may look like its got color, weight and temperature,
but these are all just conscious experiences, self glowing castings of
dimensionality and its objects in the body of the zero dimensional


     The objects you SEE represent kinetics, but fabric upon which they
are posted is static!

     If you can see the world, you are seeing what the static looks like
when it glows with self luminous consciousness.

     Look this is really easy.  People try to make it hard, but they got
other intentionedness.

     Take a really good painting by one of the masters.

     The picture in the painting can look very 3 dimensional, but the
painting is ACTUALLY 2 dimensional.  The 3 dimensional image is casted
on a 2 dimensional canvas substrate.  Get it?

     So the 3 dimensions in the painting are illusions.

     What's actual is the 2 dimensional canvas.  The purpose of a good
painting is to cast the 3 dimensional illusion on the 2 dimensional

     Remember reality is what people think or perceive to be true, and
actuality is what IS true.

     What's REAL is the 3 dimensional scene in the painting, what's
ACTUAL is the 2 dimensional canvas with paint on it.

     In the dream time of dimensionality, it is very intentional that
the reality be dimensional kinetics, while the actuality is non
dimensional statics.
     We want people to forget what's actual and get into the reality of
the scene.  That's the whole intent, to get lost in the illusion, engage
in delusion that it's not an illusion for a while.

     Self luminousness isn't hard either.

     A really good painting of a sunset will have a gorgeous sun shining
on the valley below casting it's rose glow over everything.  But you
know very well the valley in the painting isn't lit by the sun in the
painting, right?

     The painter tries to create the illusion that the valley in the
painting is lit by the sun in the painting.  The better the painting the
better the illusion.  But in truth both are lit by the light that the
conscious observer brings to the painting.

     A question arises, is pointing out these illusions being negatory
about the painting, or invalidating the painting, or degrading the
painting, or nullifying the painting or denying the painting?


     Do these truth's detract from the painting?

     No of course not.

     Are these truth's about the painting better left unsaid and


     The view and the painter have two different intents, the first to
enjoy the illusion perhaps not knowing it is an illusion, and the second
to create the illusion with full awareness that it is an illusion and
awareness of the full mechanics of illusions.


     So what's so hard?

     Everything around you, everything you can see, feel, touch, taste,
hear, feel and think is MADE OF STATIC CANVAS with the illusion of
dimensionality and its objects painted on it.

     The paint is made of self luminous conscious experience.

     The Sun does not light the day.

     Both the sun and the day are lit by the self luminous Self.


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