The very first principle of philosophy is that something can not
come from nothing, nor can something go into nothing.

     Thus if at any time absolute nothing exists everywhere, absolute
nothing must have always existed, and must always continue to exist.

     Thus if something exists now, something must have always existed,
and will always continue to exist.

     One admits to the possibility that the something which exists now
may be hiding in unmanifest potentiality and thus LOOK like a nothing,
but a potential something is not a true nothing, its a something, so
the rule holds.

     Now the same thing applies to whether something can arise from
something else that is totally different from it.

     "Love and Shame can not of Force and Mass be made." - Adore

     In the physical universe mass arises from photons and photons
arise from mass, so we begin to suspect that mass and energy aren't
really two different somethings, more like two different faces to the
same coin.  Two differnt states of the same 'stuff'.

     Now when most people think of God, they think that God made the
world.  At first there was only God, and then he made this other thing
called the world.  This creates a separation between God and world.

     That puts God over there, and the world over here.

     Or maybe we think that God permeates the world, but that's still
two different things, one that permeates the other.  We don't consider
that God IS the world.

     For example God makes a world with a brick in it.

     Now God is made of God-stuff and the brick is made of

     Is God made of brick-stuff?

     Most people would say no of course not.

     The brick made of God-stuff?

     Again most would say no.

     But this continues to force the separation between God and its

     Just as God-stuff can't come from brick-stuff, brick-stuff can't
come from God-stuff.

     So in order to not violate the law that something can't come from
nothing, philosophers look for a simpler and deeper relationship
between God and brick.

     God creates brick by changing God-stuff so it looks like

     You see nothing is actually created.  Something that already
exists, namely God-stuff, is changed from one state (unmanifest) to
another state, brick (manifest).

     Unmanifest God-stuff is lights out.

     Manifest God-stuff is lights on.  The brick is self luminious.

     Brick is God in carnation.

     Now the ILLUSION is that a brick is made of brick-stuff which is
different than God-stuff.  In fact many believe that brick-stuff
exists and God-stuff doesn't exist at all!  What a joke eh?

     God is hiding in the brick.  Like a cameleon, the brick is brick
colored God!

     The truth is that brick-stuff IS God-stuff polarized left instead
of right.  Both brick-stuff and God-stuff are the same stuff, only in
a slighly different state.

     Brick-stuff glows in the night and looks like a brick, and
God-stuff remains unmanifest in the night of the void.

     From this we can conclude that all stuff is the same stuff,
God-stuff in one form of polarization or another.

     Everywhere you look, you are looking at God either in the
manifest state or the unmanifest state.

     Its not that God permeates everywhere, its that God *IS*
everywhere, and everything, including me and thee.

     So nothing is actually created, except patterns of light in God's
body, the AllThatIs.

     Existence is God twinkling in the night of the void.

     And we are Him.  Like the brick, conscious units are also God in


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