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>>     Was this being actual?
>>     BT?
>>     What do you think?

>I have several hypothesis about these matters:

     Do you have the same hypothesis about the people you meet in the
waking state?

     If not, why do you discriminate between people in the 'waking'
state, and people in 'sleep dreams'?
     The people in my sleep dreams are more intelligent, more
beautiful, more powerful, more creative and more alive than the beings
in the waking state most of whom seem to be mostly dead.
     Christ I even get really good auditing from them sometimes.
     And you know I wake up with piano music I *REMEMBER* still in my
fingers from who knows how many time tracks ago.  I can only cry as I
watch it fade from my hands when I wake up.  Sometimes it takes 15 to
20 seconds though...
     How long has this been goin' on?
>1. Pure imagination and mock-ups
>2. Virtual identities (valences, "mental programs" which are activated)
>3. Attached entities (BTs)
>4. Communication with other beings from earth, other planets, or
>5. Manifestation of invisible connections which form the woof and warp
>of life.

>Your dream could be anyone of these manifestations, from what you

>The fact that we have questions means that we don't know enough about
>the true nature of life.

>For example do you understand fully the concept of thetan as defined in

     The thetan is that which is aware of being aware.  It is the
looker, looking at the "looked-at" through the "looked-through".

     The thetan is capable of the 4 basic perfect certainties of

     I AM
     I WANT
     I KNOW
     I DO

     They are perfect certainties in that they can not be doubted, for
to doubt them is to prove them.  

     Thus they can not be wrong.
     A nothing could not wonder whether it was a nothing or a

     I doubt I am, therefore I am.
     One can not doubt without being certain that one doubts.

     He who doubts that he doubts is in hiding from perfect certainty.
     This is brazen, shameless out integrity.
     Since God is perfect, where there is perfection there is probably
     Thus perfect certainty is a window directly into the mind and
operation of God.

     Me, thee and the High Us.
     Beyond these things a thetan is probably much more than meets the

     The primary difference between a meatball and a dreamball is
one's conception of the relationship between lookers and other
lookers, and also between lookers and their respective
looked-through's and looked-at's.
     Meatballs think the looker is MADE of a looked-at, they think
that consciousness-of and perfect certainty is merely a process in
choice ground sirloin.

     To them the mind of God is a hamburger.

     To spot the thetan, spot the desire to spot the thetan.

     Spot the intent to spot the thetan.

     Spot the spotter of the desire and intent to spot the thetan.
     Spot the doubt that one has spotted the thetan.

     Spot the certainty of that doubt.
     Spot the perfection of that certainty.

>Me, I don't, and that is one of these underlying questions which are at
>the core  of my quest.


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