Phil Scott (philscott888@sf.sbcglobal.net) wrote:

>>     ... 'where I am' exists within a context of space and time that
>> goes back into presumably rememberable history.

>You either had not fully realized the insights you posted
>earlier about Static and the material construct, or you are
>trolling.     If its the former please notice that you are
>validating space and time as a context for where you are...

      Certainly, I am shifting viewpoints to an inside game viewpoint.

      I still wish to play the game with one foot while wiggling the toes
of my other foot in the void.

      For game playing purposes it is very important to have an accurate
idea of where you are, what you have done, what your true purposes are,
who or what opposes you, what debts you may owe, who is out to get you,
what abilities they have etc.

      Amnesia is not useful.

>Another of Hubbies curve balls..  he threw thousands of
>them... until you spit them all out you will make gain in one
>area..... as you did on your 'static' remarks ... and your
>between the wings of the dichotomy post of 7 or 8 years
>ago....then loose them as you try to locate yourself... a
>creative entity.... in a created cluster fuck.    duhhh.

      Well I do it for the sake of my body and those of others.

      Like Les says, we don't want to invalidate the game.

      In fact once one is connected to the 'fountain head of source'
again, 'da void,' then one can start playing the game again for real
without getting lost again.

      The getting lost bit was a sympathy ploy for having done wrong etc.
I done my time in hell, time to get back to building chapels to heaven,
so I have some place to play my pianos.

>>     Lots of people claim to remember past lives, so I'd like to know
>> where Earth stands in local galatic history.

>Its a spec of sand on a limitless collection of oceans. its
>individual foundings are about that relevant in the larger
>scheme of things... its origins trace back to the level of sub
>atomic particles is reasonably well understood by todays
>science...and visible looking back in time via the Hubbel
>telescope...but not beyond the level of the sub atomic

>So you question is then?

      Earth has been terra formed a number of times by beings more
advanced than us.

      Anyhow I am more interested in the history of the beings that are
here, where they came from, how they came to Earth, through what means,
implants, defeats, triumphs etc.

      We don't exist in a vaccum, and its not as they taught us in

>You want to know the unknowable to date and dont, so of all
>the nut cases in the world you chose to accept L Rong Hubbard
>as yer source of info?    Pleeeze.


      I accept no one as my source.  I have asked for everyone's
experiences, hypotheses, whatever they can dig up about where we are,
how we got here, and where we are or should be going.

>  You will see the sand box clearly after a time and then you
>can simply step out of it..  effortlessly and look back
>marveling how you had gotten so involved in all the jabber
>jabber, hair splits and etc.

      That's what I want to know, how I got involved.  It was not a one
life bumblefuck.

>    Entirely correct.   And these other people should maybe not wake up
>yet...their time has not come... it may never come.

      Everyone's time comes one day.

>   Ok .... thats correct.   Few however wish to get out....
>they see their life in terms of creations, their thoughts and
>identity etc.    and in scn of course process along those
>lines to beef them up..    be come 'OT'..     locate at a
>point...   and project power, and be cause over the flies..
>all that is on the path south.

      Yes.  Seeking OT power for human motivations, mostly to protect
one's body and ownership in the game, is a trap.

      Hubbard was not trying to produce that kind of OT, he wanted OT's
that could permeate, take and play boths sides of any game of defend and
protect at the same time, and invent new games forever for free so they
would never get stuck in any game at all, not even the need to play one.

     OT's use their powers, create mountains etc, to design games,
they don't use them to win games.


Sun Aug  2 15:26:07 EDT 2015