Phil Scott ( wrote:
>Leslie suffers cranial/rectal inversion.

     Nah, he suffers from Phd-ism, thinks he knows something because
he has absorbed everything LRH ever said, well some of it, but doesn't
consider he ever had a thought that went beyond LRH.

     Total Agreement = Total Effect of Total Source.
>One could but then that would beyond ludicrous... 

     "Halcyon is High Appreciation for Ludicrous Demise.
     Bemused relief on the verge of time..."  - Adore
> a person
>would die laughing on the the floor kicking his arms and legs
>spastically at even the thought of 'playing the game again'...

     I been there.  The mere assertion of MEST is hysterical in its

>There is no such thing as a valid game from inside the cluster

     There is expression of love via that folly according to Adore.
>>      Everyone's time comes one day.

>        You have that hope... I hold the view that most will
>condense to solid rock and denser and will not recover as
>individuals in any faint way.   I can see that in what people
>do...I know what it took for me to escape that trap and it
>took way more than I had, incredible luck, limitless parsing
>of the disaster against the longest of odds.

>   Will these folk you have hope for be around in millenia to
>come?   able to arize?

     "There is peace in the thought that one day all men will attain
the awakened state.

     All endings are happy endings.

     You would not, could not have chosen it any other way.

     It is payment for the long strange trip it has been.

     Responsibility is a big thing, certainly bigger than our parents
told us.

     Responsibility for Reponse Ability.

     Do not doubt you chose it and then look to see for evidence.

     You chose.  What proof did you leave behind you now?

     There is only one Proof.  (MCTxx.memo in archives).
     Learn it, love it, teach it, master it.
     All can.

     However for some people, by their own choice, it will be a long
time between now and then.
     You can't move your house around town if you have locked yourself
inside it.

     In Excellsis Deo." - Adore

>>     OT's use their powers, create mountains etc, to design
>> they don't use them to win games.

>   The above remark is made solely because you have not been
>entirely across the threshold yet... when you cross that
>threshold you will see than you will not give a rats ass for
>any of that.

>So *who then created us?  Are are we a part of life pre
>existing?   Damn if I know.

     We woke up, we chose to choose, and we chose to choose more.

     Plus or minus.

     "As for Scientology,

     Scientology is the science of knowing how to know questions to
answer, and knowing how to know answers to question.

     A thetan is a conscious dream unit.

     They choose to choose, and they choose to choose more.

     Thetans are omni responsibile.

     All choose that all choose.
     You are a thetan.

     An operating thetan is a thetan in Royal Operating Condition.

     Operating theta is Operating Class (friendship), sometimes prone
to Operating Majesty (jokes).

     As for the Scientologists,

     The answer is, we are all bozos on this bus.

     The question is, who handed out the bozo suits?
     Sometimes operating thetans like to pretend they are opertating
theetie wheeties, and sometimes operating theetie wheeties like to
pretend they are operating thetans.
     So sometimes it gets hard to tell the regals (assholes) from the
     Operating thetans are Operating Royalty.

     Royalty is loyalty to kin-dom, kind-dom and king-dom.
     The domain of the kin, the domain of operating kindness, and the
domain of the land.
     Class is prone to majesty, but only with great responsibility.

     As for the Church of Scientology,

     The Church of Scientology has an out vital information rundown.

     What is a vital information rundown?

     You don't know because their's is out.  So is yours.
     Go tell them. " - Adore

>One does better in life realizing that ....and not accepting
>speculation or halucinations as fact...

     You have never demonstrated that Hubbard's cosmology is a
delusional dub-in.

     You assert and assert and assert almost as if YOU have a need for
it not be true.
     If you know as little as you claim, then really admit it, you
have no clue what happened 76 million years ago or not.
     True or not, it was arguably an error to force run it on pc's.