Curiosus ( wrote:
>- Do thetans are pure individuals, as Hubbard desperately tried to
>prove it, or do they need other thetans to exist?

     Either/or thinking can be dangerous when there is a third answer.

     The One and the Many are two parts of a single greater whole.

     The many are connected through the One to each other.

     The fingers of your hand are individuals, but they are part of
the hand which is one.  You see?

     If you look at your fingers through a 2D slice, you see separated
circles.  If you look through a 3D slide, you see they are connected
to your hand.

    Thetans are the same way.  Viewed 3 dimensionally, they are
separated, viewed zero dimensionally they are One.
     The thetan can be in the many state, or the one state, timeful,
or timeless, spacefull or spaceless, finite, or zero/infinite.

     He can even be in both at the same time, this creates a lot of
free energy.  Dipping into the void and sprinkling it on MEST makes
MEST grow beautifully.   Ever want a green thumb for MEST?

>- If thetans have memory of their past lives, how is this memory
>stored? Does it need some invisible physical substrate, or is it purely
>spiritual in nature?

     MEST facsimiles are real, they are not made of physical matter,
but are made of mental 'matter'.  If you have ever taken apart a
murderous ridge you will know this.

     Mockup some mental clay and plaster it against your face until
you can't mockup any more :)

     But beyond facsimiles and other's similar things, the being can
pervade the underlying data matrix that projects the world and access
the past and possible futures directly.

>- What part of my awareness and intelligence depends on my brain, what
>part is immortal?

     Your brain does not exist except as a virtual machine in a
virtual reality/arcade game.  YOUR BRAIN IS PART OF YOUR DREAM.

     Does your brain exist in sleep dreams?  Ever cut your dream head
open and let your dream brains spill out?

     They don't exist in the waking state either, except as mocked up
hook together to help the body anime run.
     Thinking you need a brain to be, have or do anything is a trap.

     It will also break your brain eventually and ruin the body.

     Using your body brain to work with, beyond driving your body
nuts, forces you into seeing stereo by merging two 2D pictures, an
utterly absurd way of seeing.  Good for bodies, terrible for thetans.

     Using the brain for memories, limits your memory to this lifetime.

     Using the brain for ability, limits your abilities to that of a
body at whatever age you are.
     Its one thing to have a dog as a pet, quite another to be inside
its brain walking it around all day long.  What are you doing that



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