Rogers.  D.Scn. (The_Bindu@NOSPAMmsn.com) wrote:
>"Homer Wilson Smith"  wrote in message

>>    Find someone to run on you for a few sessions:
>>     "Get the viewpoint of being overwhelmed."
>>     "Get how it feels."
>>     "Get the viewpoint of not being overwhelmed."
>>     "Get how it feels."
>>     Its probably an unlimited process, can be run forever with gain.

>Ian, that is a non-LRH process, and it sure doesn't look like a good process
>to me.

      Apparently you have never run it to EP.

      Mostly when pro Scn people put down Freezone tech, they have
never used it.  So they speak much about what they don't know.

      *I* however have had hundreds of hours of church and flag
auditing all for *NOTHING*.

>I think Homer's entire suggestion is like a bad joke (with bad tech to
>boot).  "Find somebody to run on you...?"  The joke begins there.  Let's
>assume you yourself had a real grip on what auditing is and how it is
>conducted, what you gonna do, get a neighbor to sit across from you and then
>YOU feed them instructions on how to audit you and what to say next?  It's

      No it isn't.  Anyhow I wrote the C/S for the guy, so I have
handed it to him and told him to get someone to run it on him.

>But that process itself?  Geezus!  It seems to me the equivalent of:

>     "Get the viewpoint of having a needle stuck in your eye."
>     "Get how it feels."
>     "Get the viewpoint of not having a needle stuck in your eye."
>     "Get how it feels."

     Good process.

>     "Now go cut your throat."

     Bad process, and an additive.

      The process derives directly from Description Processing.

      "Tell me how does it seem to you now."

      The item is 'it', it can and should be listed for rather than use
overwhelm per se, but overwhelm is the item mentioned by the dude in
question, so I put it in there.

      It differs from description processesing in that it runs 'it' and
'not it' back and forth.

      "How does being overwhelmed seem to you now?"
      "How does not being overwhelmed seem to you now?"

      Also it allows the pc to 'get' the feeling without having
to TALK about it unless he wants to.

      It is also a form of postulate processing.  We know the guy is
overwhelmed, and probably looking for a why etc.  This process gets
him to simply mockup NOT being overwhelmed, wherein he runs into a lot
of stuff, charge, masses, postulates and all the why's fall out of it

     It is a very good process, probably one of the best, simplest and
most powerful for those really interested in going OT.

      It is however a long run, not just one session, and all kinds of
fireworks from MEST to philosophy will blow up from the run.



Sun Oct  5 20:10:47 EDT 2014