Phil Scott ( wrote:

     Phil is not a scientologist.  Do not expect to learn any
significant scientology from him.
     Scn and Adore have a very definite point of view regarding the
relationship between Native State and Manifestation, between static and
kinetic, between Eternality and Temporality.

     Whether one agrees with this point of view or not is a matter of
doctrinal differences.
     Meatballs think they are meat, dreamballs think they are not.
     Which is crazier, the meatball that thinks it is a dreamball, or
the dreamball that thinks it is a meatball?
>  Hubbard said lies make things persist... bzzzzzzzzzttt. 

     Scn holds that persistence in time is caused by alter-is of
original manifestation.  Of course the Eternal state lasts forever, and
it is the only actuality, Basic Truth.  But that's not PERSISTENCE which
is persistence IN TIME.

     Anything manifested is mere reality, not actuality, color forms in
consciousness at best, and they can vanish upon inspection unless
carried further into the machinations of time.

     Humor results from the assertion that a mere reality is an
     The imposterousness results in preposterousness.
     This is the basic modus operandi of Native State for an actuality
to assert a reality, for an Eternality to assert a Temporality as an
actuality, and hold it to be so.
     An original manifestation can be made to persist in the TEMPORAL
state via the addition of significance, which is the first lie, and then
by denial of desirability which is the second lie, then by question
asking, which is the third lie.

     Guy makes something, that's a posted beingness, a postulate.

     That's a vanishing truth, he let's go of it, and it's gone.
     But instead the guy says well now this thing is an ashtray used to
hold cigarettes made by Reynold's Tobacco Co.  That's an added
significance, take a look at an ashtray until you forget who made it and
what its FOR.  When it becomes just an IS, it will start to vanish on
you personally.  The added significance is a consideration, CON SIDE, to
side together, to assign cause of, use for, intent of, purpose etc to.

     To consider means to conside, to side or put together in relation.
The relation is a CREATED relation, just as the original manifestation
was a created manifestation.
     Ashtray - Cigarette, two objects consided together form a
persisting manifestation via added significance tieing them together.

     Time is introduced by the added significance because its a CHANGE
from the original manifestation.  You see the thetan made something with
no idea what it is, then INVENTS what it is after the fact.  Sort of
like song writers who write the music first and words second.  First
they get the song, then they figure out what its about!
     "Hmm, nice tune dude, I wonder if this is going to be a love song
or not?"
     This added significance results in a persisting truth.

     "WHAT IT IS" is an added significance and produces a persisting
     It is an ashtray used to hold cigarettes made by Reynolds Tobacco
Co, and its persisting, and that's the Truth.  Its a temporal truth
however, a CREATED truth.  The ashtray was created out of whole cloth,
out of nothing by the being, as was the added significance.
     Then he says I HATE ashtrays, and cigarettes, I didn't make these,
I WOULDN'T HAVE, COULDN'T HAVE, SHOULDN'T HAVE made these things, they
only kill people with cancer etc, WHY DO THEY EXIST?

     "Why is it," means "It is, Why?"

     The question itself locks into existence the ashtray and cigarette.
You can't ask why is it, without assuming it is, and thus CAUSING it to
be.  The QUESTION is locking in the persistence!  That's the joke and
the 'God Postulate'.

     A 'God Postulate' is that postulate which the pc thinks is true by
observation but which is actually true by consideration.  In other words
he thinks he has observed something to be true before he considered it
to be true, when in fact he considered it true first and THEN observed
it to be true.  By getting the sequence right, the pc can then retract
the causal postulate and be done with the persistence.

     Read that again until you understand it.  The world persists
because the pc has causality ass backwards.  Its not off by just a
little bit, its 180 degress wrong way to.
     So he's denying he made or agreed to the things, that's a lie, and
then he's asking a question pretending the question isn't the answer to
itself, and that's another lie.

     So now you have a persisting lie.

     He hates ashtrays and cigarettes, he has no responsibility for
their existence, and he has no clue why they continue to exist or how to
get rid of them.  Lie, lie, lie, lie.
     Then he throws a lot of force on the thing and blacks it out, and
there ain't no more ashtray or cigarette and never was.  He becomes a
'What ashtray?  case'.

     That's a not-isness or a vanishing lie.

     Anything the pc is protesting has an original manifestation, an
added significance, and then followed by a denial of desirability,
question asking and finally forceful making nothing of.

     The question asking starts with 'Why is it?' or "What did I *DO*
to cause this?" and continues with "What should I *DO* to end it."

     The first question creates and validates the past, and the second
question creates and validates the future.

     Nowhere is the being simply being with it NOW, until distracted and
it vanishes.
     Being with it NOW is a waste of time you see, he ought to be
be getting on with thinking about what he should DO about it to
get rid of it as soon as possible, you see?
     So guess whose face it sticks to.

     Thus all persistence is persistence of lies.

     Since ANY manifestation is a limitation of Native State, ANY
manifestation is a loss, so all persistences are persistences of loss,
and all losses are lies.

     "ALL manifestation is a pock mark on the face of God" - Sufis
     The being engages in manifesting losses for fun, practical jokes on
self.  He seeks to get lost so he can play the game of finding his way
home.  He will be so glad to get home he will be glad he left.
     There is an aesthetic to dischord and resolve, agony and amusement.

     He will however make it very hard to find his way home, much too
much fun being stuck in tar with his friends.
     "Thrill is always the effort to get lost, Romance is always the
effort to get home, Halcyon is bemused relief on the verge of time." -

     He can maintain having fun, as long as he maintains ethics to his
aesthetics.  Yes there is unethical aesthetics.  Inpsiration is proper
application of agony and amusement in proper balance.  Life is a canvas
of art work, the paints are agony and amusement.  So you can see that a
masterpiece would need to have a proper balance.

     Address to case then is to find out what conditions the pc is
suffering from, and bring them back up from 'not there' (not-isness) to
'there' (is-ness), and then spot the question asking, denial of
desirability, and added significance (alter-isness) on the creation
until it is returned to a pure manifestation or as-isness.  Then the guy
lets go and it vanishes.

     So you have this stair case the guy has walked down from the
master's throne to the ball floor of hell.

     NATIVE STATE - Unmanifest - Basic Truth
     Manifestation - AS-ISNESS - created but vanishing truth.
     Added Significance - ALTER-ISNESS - persisting truth
     Denial of responsibility and desirability, question asking - MORE
ALTER-ISNESS - persisting lie.
     Use of DOING, and force to destroy, make nothing of, or nail out of
existence - NOT-ISNESS - vanishing lie.

     The above is all THEORY until you have tested it out.  It
indicates a clear path to produce changes in a pc or one's own life.
If it doesn't work, then its probably wrong.  If it does work, then
its probably a good bet its worth knowing and developing.
     Remember at best all THEORY's are persisting truths.

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