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>Now, if you could use OT powers to kill that nutcase in charge of North

     Lot's are trying, right or wrong.

     The issue falls out in complete gory detail on the murder
rundown, and one sees quickly why one doesn't have OT powers, and
doesn't want them.  Using an OT power to protect a human body or win a
game leads to regret.

     Using an OT power to optimize a game so it can play longer works

     The issue is motivation.

     The motivation of an OT is not the motivation of a human being.

     The OT is creating tapestries of conflict, good and evil, i.e.
games, the human being in the conflict is trying to win the game.

     The OT wants to PLAY, doesn't matter what side.

     The human being wants to WIN, doesn't matter what side.
     The OT wants to move the mountain in order to put it in a better
place for game play, the human wants to move the mountain in order to
crush his enemies.

     Two totally different motivations, the OT is CREATING enemies and
friends, the human is FIGHTING enemies, the human would/should/could
never create enemies etc.

     Good would never create evil to fight.  An OT would.

     So here's is the most fundamental truth about OT powers, there is
no inability only superior unwillingness.

     All cant's are ultimately wont's born of incorrect motivations.

     OT power flows freely and without restraint from OT motivations,
it won't flow at all from human motivations.

     OT power flows for the Author, but not the Character.

     The way to become the Author is to BE the Author becoming the
Character.  Practicing coming in puts you out.
     It is merely a matter of changing your motivation from game
creator to game player.

     If you can put the playing field in place, you can move the

     But the Author isn't into demonstrating Author powers to
Characters, the whole idea is absurd.  Unless the author wants to
interfere in the game.

     Sometimes characters get powers, but not for long.  but they use
them for human ends, and that is just more drama, as ANY ability leads
to the overt/restraint/justification cycle if engaged in too


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