On the other hand, living in fear forever is insane, and eventually
the existence of OT powers will have come out like all other things.

      Eventually they will become common place and accepted.

      So practice well amongst each other, demonstrate the less dangerous
non threatening powers, to others, and give civilization a gradient
waking up call.

      Do not throw pearls before swine nor meatballs.

      And prove to no one that you are a weapon of war.

      Remember that meatballs think they aren't dreaming, so if you show
them a dream power they will wonder if they are dreaming.

      Truth is they are dreaming, but they will have to face the beast to
reconcile why they didn't know it for so long and why they had to find
out about it the hard way with someone else showing it to them first.

      The chagrin and disgrace is infinite.

      It makes them scared not only of YOU but also of themselves.

      Remember that many aren't even aware of the beast yet except in
their most hidden nightmares, and if you wake it, or make it move, they
won't be able to function as well and worse they may take to dramatizing
it to avoid its vibe which is the ultimate unconfrontable.

      We are talking about an infinite being with an infinite
unconfrontable lodged inside it.

      Do not minimize the situation.

      The meatball avoids the vibe of the beast by denying the beast is
inside him and by perceiving the beast to be outside of himself in
others instead, and then dramatizing the beast in himself against the
perceived beast in others.  Since others have the same beast within
them, the meatball considers himself justified.

      His error is in seeing the beast in others but not in himself.

      As long as he can be the beast fighting the beast in others, he can
feel comfortable.

      This is not easy material, and there is no one here who can handle

      Those who can handle it know no fear.

      Do not mistake whistling past the grave yard as knowing no fear.

      Grave yard whistlers are monster food.

      Hubbard called it the Tiger's Lair, that's a *WILD* understatement.

Mon Dec 14 15:16:10 EST 2015