There are two primary dramatizations that will get a thetan in
trouble as an OT, both of which violate the sovereign "while" in which
he has created a time stream.

     They are FOREVERS and NEVERS.

     The GPM goes as follows.

    Nothing Forever    (Native state, a timeless forever.)
    Nothing Never      (Impulse to create a permanent persistance.)
    Something Forever  (Created permanent persistance.)
    Something Never    (Death forever, a forever in time.)

    They follow the standard Beauty Ugly staircase:

    The Beauty of Nothing    Nothing Forever
    The Ugly   of Nothing    Nothing Never
    The Beauty of Something  Something Forever
    The Ugly   of Something  Something Never

    Notice Nothing Never is pretty much the same thing as Something
Forever.  So you really have a cross of sorts.

                         Nothing Forever
            Nothing Never------|----------Something Forever
                         Something Never

     The bars of the cross are made of Love.

     The guy starts off at the top of the cross, knowing what he is
doing, creates and spends his time on the cross bar of the cross, and
eventually ends up 'dying forever in the rigid apathy of MEST' at the
bottom of the cross, trying to not-is everything out of existence.

     Remember though, this is not a mistake on the part of the thetan,
it is fair chosen from beginning to end.  At the top he doesn't really
want to die forever, but he is impishly happy at the thought of creating
a bear trap of magnitude for himself.

     Its a game, he wants to know just how far he can dig himself in
before he get's saved inspite of himself.

     The purpose of auditing is to get the guy to take full
responsibility for the whole cross again so he can operate it freely
once more.

     Yes he will bury himself in tar again.  There is a beauty to it.

     It's not really forever because he knows there will always be some
goody two shoes auditor to get him out of his own ludicrous demise, but
he will try.

     If he didn't have the Messiah postulate on the future track to save
his sorry ass, he wouldn't engage in trying to die forever.

     The universe is made of whiles, not forevers, so there HAS to be a
way out of everything created eventually for everyone period.  How that
is arranged in particular for each being is his personal Messiah
Postulate.  Everyone has one, and everyone's is the same and different,
and recovering it for the pc allows them to operate it smoothly with the
auditor in front of him.

     Without some agreement between auditor and pc on the operating
messiah postulate of the session, no auditing will take place.  Help
that does not conform to the pc's messiah postulate will not be
acceptable and thus won't 'work'.

     Thus it behooves the auditor to find the pc's messiah postulate
early on, then they will both find that the messiah postulate just sort
of runs the session to good results every time.

     If there are session failures, then it is quite possible the
messiah postulate has gotten into conflict again, but of course it could
just be bad pc-ing or bad auditing.

     Any pc who snarls at a good auditor likes tar more than freedom,
audit him on scarcity of tar and he will give that up immediately.

     Any pc who snarls at a bad auditor likes freedom more than tar and
will eventually try to make the auditor into a tarcicle.


     The most usual manifestations of forevers and nevers are murder,
and damnation.  Murder includes wanting to destroy, kill or make nothing
out of.  Damnation includes intents to harm, hurt, torture or disable.

     Nothing Forever is Eternal Sleep at the top or the Big Snooze.

     Nothing Forever is not in time, it is not an infinite amount of
time of nothing forever.  It is a timeless eternalness.

     Something Never, it's opposite, is Death Forever in time at the
bottom.  He is trying to be no more by seeking death *IN TIME*.  Ask him
if the rocks will out live him.  "They god damn better well out live me,
I paid a lot for my tombstone!" He is *DEPENDING* on it, so the Messiah
yet to come will know some day where to come dig him up to restore him
to sovereignty.

     Something Never is an enforced Basic Truth on Nothing Forever.  He
is sick of Being but can't figure out how to not Be without dying
forever *IN TIME*.


     Persistence starts with there must never be nothing again, which
flows into there must always something forever more.

     Nothing Never and Something Forever are both opposite sides of the
same coin, namely damnation or Hell Forever.  Any state of ON or BEING
forever, whether pleasurable or painful is a Hell forever.

     What he WANTS are cycles of sleep and manifestation, sleep and
manifestatoin.  What he has created as a subset of that want is infinite
manifestation in time (hell forever) followed by infinite non
manifestation in time (death forever).

     Notice that since he CAN'T die forever in time, his efforts to do
so are merely a part of his infinite manifestation in time and are thus
part of his continuing hell forever.

     Don't worry, be happy, its just a game and gives you the auditor
something to do.  Yeah, yeah, so charge more.

     The primary dramatization then of forevers and nevers are damnation
and murder, hell forever and death forever.

     Murder is the effort to destroy forever, it is Something Never, at
the bottom of the cross.

     When creating a Murder Rundown you need to take into account 5
factors that may not happen in this order.

     There is the first idea to murder.

     There is the first accidental murder.

     There is the first intent to murder.

     There is the first attempt to murder.

     There is the first accomplished murder.

     Don't forget to audit pretenses on murder and being murdered
either.  They often come before the real thing.
     One of the most powerful processes there is, and an instant
cure to to a whole host of symptoms is simply:

     "Who do you still want to murder?"

     He doesn't even have to ANSWER IT, just asking
is enough.

     That runs you right around the "Who me?" case or the
"I don't know" case.

     They are simply murdering murdering.

     If you don't like questions, run:

     "Get the idea of wanting to murder something or someone."

     Run all flows of course.

     Notice that intent and attempt to murder have the same NO-NO value
as an actual accomplished murder.

     We don't consider it that way legally, but emotionally, the first
time the guy develops the intent to murder, or attempts it, he is as
good as gone, as if he had done it.

     You don't get away with murder and you don't get away with
violating your own Sovereign Desire or Sovereign While.

     Notice we aren't talking about knocking off a body or two in an
otherwise on going game.  We are talking about destroying the being
forever, period.  At one time people knew that bodies were cars and that
beings in them would just get another car if the car got killed.  No big
deal.  But eventually the intent to kill THE BEING FOREVER became the
game, and that just turns the killer into a tarcicle.

     The original intent to murder, either others or himself, will be a
surprise to him, "where did THAT come from?", and be regretted, for it
will act as a 'forever stain' on his beingness, and eventually he will
inevitably come to accept it as necessary to attempt and accomplish.

     But he will separate from the group mind as he can't continue with
the withhold and pretense that he is still pure of such stains if
everyone can read his mind or beingness.

     If you come to the wedding with blood on your wedding dress,
everyone is going to know SOMETHING is up.

     Once the intent has slipped through into his world and stained him,
there is no turning back without responsibility and understanding.  He
created the surprise in his long ago as part of the game, but no longer
understands this, it is foreign to him to even consider the possibility
of it.

     "Hey I am a pure good guy, why would I never set myself up to such
a corruption of my beingness, who needs that kind of surprise!?"

     However that may be this is total no responsibility for condition.

     Run this on children early, for the child that has already
developed his first intent to murder is in deep trouble, even if he
manages to withhold it.

     Be particularly wary of a child that was murdered in his last
life, only to meet the murderer again in his early baby life while the
murderer was still in his original body.  This will create a
magnificent withhold of magnitude on the part of the child, because if
he lets on he knows, the murderer may murder him again.

     Don't forget to run when the child did it to others.
     People who you murder in one life, tend to be your baby sitter in
the next.

     Notice it didn't happen to him BECAUSE he did it to others, and if
being murdered runs easily in the child then he may not have done it to
others, for those who are not guilty heal easily, on their own and in

     But if it runs like black obsidian glass, tar and crazy glue, then
he did it either before or after it was done to him, or both, and is
using his murder as both justification for having done it to others
either before or after it happened to him, and restraint to make sure he
doesn't do it again.

     Remember that things the being uses to restrain committing
overt acts are ALSO used to justify overt acts already committed.

     "What you did to me just now, justified what I did you earlier,
because what i did was right, but also cripples me to a point where I
can't do it again, because it is wrong." This combo of justification and
restraint creates a permanent overwhelm and an inability to think about
right and wrong clearly, not to mention a pendulum swing between
justification and doing it again, and regret and restraint and never
doing it again.

     Get the regret off the cycle.  The regret is intolerable, arises
from total irresponsibility, and creates a compulsion to justify and

     E/P on murder rundown is humor and understanding about being a
victim forever with full capacity to mock the cross up again and not get
involved in other people's Something/Nothing Forever/Never Crosses.


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