The God Postulate is that exact postulate that the pc considers is
true because he has observed it to be true, when in fact it is only true
because he considers it to be true.

     There are many God Postulates on any case.

     The pc considered something true, it thus became true.  The pc then
observed it was true, then considered that he is considering it true
BECAUSE he observed it to be true, not BE CAUSE he considered it to be

     Thus the meaning of BECAUSE becomes reversed, and the pc becomes an
effect of his observation, and thus buried under the
consideration/observation flip flop.

     The God Postulate is that postulate which is ruining the pc.  He
makes the postulate as a problem, then spends the rest of time as a

     He has however set himself up for a game that he can not win, as
the God Postulate can only be 'solved' by relocating it, and changing
one's mind about it.

     This 'solves' the problem by vanishing it.

     Time in fact is a running away from the God Postulate while trying
to solve it.  Stuck in time is stuck in a God Postulate seeking a

     The God Postulate will be found to consist in general of
Something or Nothing, and Forever or Never.

     Thus there are 4 categories of God Postulates, they are:

     1.) Nothing forever
     2.) Nothing never
     3.) Something forever
     4.) Something never

     It will have a problem side to it, and a solution side to it.

     Usually the higher item will be the problem and the next lower item
will be the solution, thus creating time.

     It is up to the auditor to get the specifics of the God Postulate
once the generals are determined.

     Approaching the God Postulate the pc will get the Qualms, he just
knows this can't be solved, especially now that he has spent so much
time trying to do so.

     He doesn't believe he can change his mind about it.

     And he will resent and oppose bitterly anyone trying to get his
hope up about it.

     His solution to date has been to forget it, which let it run amuck
on automatic.

     In tring to find the God Postulate he will run into the 4 demons
that protect the pc against case gain.

     1.) Preposterousness
     2.) Impossibility
     3.) No permission
     4.) Too good to be true.


     "Get the effort to not know your God Postulate"

     This will bring some peace back to the pc before he finds his God
Postulate.  The process handles the Qualms and prepares him for changing
his mind again once he finds it.

     The peace will come once he knows it is there to be found, this
will be attained long before he finds it running the above.  If he
finds it and bolts with out enough preparedness and peace, he will
hurt himself.

    E/P of finding and blowing a God Postulate is

    Free from games the pc can not win and exterior from time.


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