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>Homer Wilson Smith wrote:

>>      Some people are 'dianetically able', other's aren't.
>>      I had 300 hours of dianetics this, cch's that, and nothing
>> happaned at all, couldn't contact anything of interest.
>>      Now I know why.  No one stood a chance with me in 1976, I don't
>> care how OT they were.
>>      Homer

>  Having read your posts over the years seems one or more have made
>go right. 

     *I* have made things go right, and am continuing to do so.

     The tracks of my postings show the research line.

     For example they were very close in 1976 when the Org ran 10
hours of "Get the idea of something there, Get the idea of nothing
there" on me.

     Something/Nothing is a major dicom on my case.

     And for YEARS I knew it should have worked, and I solo'd it and
solo'd it and solo'd it and got Jane to run it on me, run it on me and
run it on me, but never to any change.

    But they failed to get the "For Ever, For Never" items
that go with them, so nothing happened.

    Now had they ran:

    Get the idea of something for ever.
    Get the idea of nothing for ever.
    Get the idea of something for never.
    Get the idea of nothing for never.

     it would have ran and I would probably still be in the Church.
It took me 30 years to find those items and get them to run.

     The point is that the charge is not on something/nothing, but on

     Even running

     Get the idea of for ever.
     Get the idea of for never.

     would probably have run better than something/nothing.
     By the way the central charge in the bank is just mass, it is has
no significance, no goals, no items, no identities, no beingnesses, no
nothing, it is not ABOUT anything, its just pure resistence there for
no reason.  The reasons came afterwards to produce persistence,
orphaned answers in search of a question.

     The above process will take you right to the core.
     Don't wonder what it is about, that is what it is about, your
wonder will stick you in it forever for free.

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