By the way science is incapable of proving general theories with
certainty, because effects do not prove cause.

      Correlation does not prove causation.

      So at best science can come up with workable theories that
demonstrate probabilistic dependabilities, which are useful for getting
on in life, building bridges etc, but in no way constitute the proof of
perfect certainty.

      The word proof has been badly used by society to a point where
people no longer understand what perfect certainty is, and they no
longer understand that science can't prove anything of a general nature
at all for sure, except that it is false.

      Scientific *EVIDENCE* however of something super natural is a
different matter.  One proven exteriorization will go a long ways in
that direction.

      The certainty of the existence of God however is possible, if once
follows the path of *PERFECT CERTAINTY* back to it, namely 'we ARE

      One finds that God *IS* the all that is, there is no separation
between God and anything that exists, and there is no moment of
creation either, as time itself is an illusion matrix of compounded
non comprehensions.


Thu Jun  2 16:32:36 EDT 2016