Ball of Fluff (getoffmyass@fluffentology.com) wrote:
>Lamoore says Hubbard was a sociopath.

Homer Wilson Smith wrote:
>      He was, it was part of his Idiot Savant personality.

Ball of Fluff (amafluffygirl@yahoo.com) wrote:
>Yeah, I know what you mean. The idiot savant thang is very common, thus
>demonstrating the lie to the fruit of the poisoned tree analogy shoved in my
>face by so many critics and skeptics...

      Yes Idiot Savants often produce good and bad without having the
credentials to produce either :)

      The real issue is probably intent.

      Attribution of intent is a high crime, because an OT can cast
intent, only then can he know the intent of others.

      What's he doing trying to determine the intent of another?

      Just *DETERMINE* it.  You see?

      Hubbard was probably colored by many intents that changed over
time, from the let's get super laid in virgin blood of the early years,
to the hey let's be a good guy and save the world, to well maybe we
ought to cooperate with these here interstellar folks who want to keep
the status quo going, to who knows what, to jesus I would just like to
get rid of this thing in my divine eye at any cost.

      Intents change as case goes along, any intent is case.

      That's a hard one.

      Not all case is 'bad' though, in fact no case is 'bad', its all a
very relative consideration starting at the top with the first
manifestation on down.  It was all designed, no mistakes, so what 'bad'
can there be?  Its a painting with discords and resolves.

      All persistence is of lies, but there is optimum persistence, and
then non optimum persistence, and even the non optimum was considered a
good idea at the time.

      Optimum persistence means the game continues.

      Non optimum persistence meeans you win or you lose the game.

      The intent of manifestation is to play, every time you win or lose
you are back at non manifestation again.

      There is such a thing as too able.

      Find some guy who is stuck in tar, enforced non manifestation,
enforced native state, and run,

      "What would be too able for you?"

      Run to optimum ability regained.

      Problems are solutions to no problems to the guy.  no games.

      So yes, all intent is 'case', impulse towards survival on the 8
dynamics etc, but that case or intent is the why for being, so its not a
bad thing.

      That's why fighting the manifestation with too much seriousness and
too many forevers and for nevers (must never happen again) leads to
further embroilment in solidity and persistence.  Its a no
responsibility for intent or case.

      So that said the two basic intents are that of coming in, to create
a persistence, and that of getting out, to create a vanishment.

      Thus we measure what Hubbard was up to by looking at the result of
what he did.  Did it help us come in or get out or both?  Was it counter
to our own intent?  Did we want to persist more, and he helped us get
out?  Did we want to get out, and he helped us persist more?

      Both would be suppressive to us.  Suppression is relative to our
own intent.

      There are only two intents, to come in and to get out.

      Where are you?  Where was/is Hubbard?

      Facts are facts though, anyone who has been through an ORG will
know the joy of being told they can communicate, then being told they
had better not.

      Talk about an emotional curve.

      I was thrown into Ethics at my ORG and had to wear a grey arm band
because I pressed one Patty one night about the subject of total
responsibility.  Namely if I were stuck on a desert island alone with an
e-meter, would it be better to self audit or do nothing?

      Self auditing was considered a no-no at the time, and I couldn't
wait to get on the meter and get something done, for a change.

      Next morning the EO and her Nazi friends rounded me up and took me
to task for communicating.  I had 'enturbulated' poor dear Patty for
making her think.  This after I got her into the damn church in the
first place.

      Have you ever regretted getting someone into the Church?

      Of course Patty turned me into the EO in the first place, as did
another friend later for keeping private notebooks, one of which they
insisted on taking away from me before they sent me to Flag as NCG.

      It took me YEARS to get that notebook back, and if I could create a
trail of fire with my mind, I know exactly whose asses it would flow

      No need for that now though, they are all already buried in fire so
deep there is nothing there any more.

      No fire cases.

      The original indications when I walked into Hubbard's world were so
correct that only a stone would miss the import of Hubbard's words, but
then everyone turns to stone inside the Church for fear of their

      We learn about ARC and CDEINR.  Where is the Church in that matrix?

      Enforced Agreement, Inhibited Communication, Refused Affinity.

      Thus I am a suppressive for real, for I fully intend to communicate
until there is nothing more said, no secrets here, full disclosure, and
I frankly don't care how many die, get hurt, get their cases permanently
ruined, or even if Earth itself returns to a dark age because everyone
wakes up one day and refuses to go to work.

      When zombies work the result is more damaging in the long run than
if they all stayed home and smoked pot.

      Of course one day I myself will attain my 'optimum' manifestation
at which point I will probably change sides again.

      "Accept, accept, you will be assimilated!" - Allen, Speaker of Borg.

Tue Nov 17 21:53:30 EST 2015