It turns out things are more serious than I thought.

     Your average human being is suffering PTSD just from being alive,
based on

     "What ever you can get you can't keep, you can have it for a while, 
but then you must lose it forever."

     This leads to "better not get" so you don't end up in "don't have


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> JEANETTE ROGERS (HERE-I-YAM@email.msn.com) wrote:
>> Homer Wilson Smith wrote:
>> Hi Homer,
>> I'm afraid much of the above is over my head.  I couldn't quite relate to
>> it.
>    Sure you can, remember a time you 'will *NEVER* forgive' someone.
>     That's a forever and thus a dramatization, it brings DRAMA to a
> situation rather than peace, vanishment and void.
>> But one thing for sure, there definitely is something wrong with "forever."
>> It seems to be a bit late on the track to be really basic, more like a 3rd
>> postulate or something.
>     It's an effort to make sure something NEVER happens again, or
> ALWAYS happens again, its an effort to create a permanent PERSISTENCE.
>     Run
>    "What would it be ok to have be for just a while."
>    "What would it not be ok to have be for just a while."
>> Or, to put it another way, "forever" is possibly all the more devious
>> because it harmonizes with (or is a mockery of) a theta truth.
>     Yes, it is an effort to bring the non temporal eternality of
> static into being as a termporal eternity of MEST.
>     Something forever is hell forever.
>     Nothing forever is death forever.
>     Cycling between something and nothing, manifest and unmanifest
> forever is "fair chosen peace via hell and high water".
>     In other words you can (willingly) have something as long as you
> can have nothing, and you can have nothing as long as you can have
> something, but if you HAVE to have something forever, then you begin
> to seek nothing forever, and if you HAVE to have nothing forever you
> begin to seek something forever, and see saw between the two
> endlessly, life after life.
>     Hell forever - > Death Forever -> Hell forever -> Death forever
>     Meatball -> Christian -> Meatball -> Christian.
>     Homer
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