((The terminology used in this posting is backwards from standard

     The bottom of a GPM is the first item in the set, the earliest
encountered on the time track.  The preclear sashays UP the GPM to his
present time latest item.  So the TOP of the GPM is his present time
item and his top opp term is his present time opponent.

     In the below posting it is assumed that the preclear starts at the
'top' first item and sashays 'downward' to his present time mess.  It's
merely a matter of terminology, whats bottom or top, the real concept is
first item (earliest on the track) and latest item (latest on the track
in present time.) ))

     I think much of the problem with different pcs, is different people
are at different rungs of their present time truncated GPM.

     Someone still working on his first rung, will audit easily, he's
aware of what his goals are, he is in alignment with them, every engram
he runs puts him more at cause over that goal etc, he flys.

     Someone 15 rungs down is opposing not only his own basic goal, but
also himself.  Every engram you run will be a very late on the chain
engram gained while OPPOSING his basic goal, so he only gets better at
opposing himself again.  The stuff up at the top of the GPM where the
first rung is located is just not available.  He started out to be a
Maurauder ended up being a Messiah, so all he audits are these stupid
crucifixions etc, and that just makes him better at being a Messiah
which he doesn't want to be anyhow, so he gets sicker and sicker.

     Also by the time he is at the bottom of his GPM ladder he's a cess
pool of overts and motivators, and he's got 15 Service Facs all in a
row, and you are going to audit 'Standard Tech' through all this?

     I think not.

     Now one could be a bright puppy and say, well then why don't we
make spotting the PT GPM early on part of Standard Tech?  That way we
reorient him towards his original goal of being a Maurauder, and
despense with all the endless case dev-T.

     Alan does this.

     So really there is 'Standard Tech' and there is application, and
maybe we have everything we need to know, maybe not.  It's tempting to
say, 'well you didn't run CCH's long enough', but how long is long
enough?  When the pc intensive after intensive just isn't having wins,
isn't VGI's, is loosing in auditing and in life continuously, then its
time to admit 'Well doing it long enough may work, but its not the
proper approach.'

     Also you get a pc like me, who is just *FROZEN* in abject terror
about finding out or opening up anything, I mean totally life
threatening terror, then the auditing itself becomes a present time
problem because he doesn't have his will written yet, he's got girl
friends and children that are dependent on him, so he can't afford to
die.  So that's going to stop auditing cold because maybe he HAS to die
to get better etc.

     Maybe he's scared because his basic goal is too dangerous to know,
maybe the last time he had a thought about that goal the monitors got
him but good etc.  So now he's got endless overts opposing his own goals
not only in others but himself.

     So yes 'standard tech' will probably unglue the mess, but the pc
doesn't want it unglued!  He's still terrorized and on the edge of
dying.  He just isn't going to make case gain in the hands of people who
can't stand the thought of someone dying on them in session.  Or someone
who can't stand the thought of dying themselves when the pc's demon
exteriorizes and eats the auditor as monster food.

     Basically the world consists of 'no fear' cases, its very hard to
make case gain in that atmosphere.

     The people at the top of their GPM ladders got no clue what its
like to be at the bottom of their GPM ladder, they look at all this and
just scratch their heads, they just can't see what the problem is but a
little education and mockup processing on the GPM sashay will probably
be sufficient to help them audit the bottom rung case.

     The one's at the bottom themselves, still playing the no fear game,
are dangerous auditors.  They will dramatize their service facs and
excuses for failure until the pc leaves the church, as the church as
already left him.


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