>> Separation is a key component of persistence, separation between
>> things, between the being and his mockups, the being and other beings,
>> between cause and effect, and between everything that is and 'God'.

>My present reality is that both OT and victim are individuations. The 
>individuation is from "God." 


     An issue is what is an OT?

     (OT means Operating Thetan, a being at maximum spiritual capacity.)

     Is an OT a super human victim still running on human motivations to
survive and protect his body and loved ones with super powers?

     A super human Superman if you will?

     Or is the OT the game designer that then jumps in and plays one of
his own characters, any character good or bad.

     This is the Designer OT, the Author/Creator.
     The *MOTIVATIONS* of the Designer OT are way different than the
motivations of the Super Human OT.
     The game designer OT wishes to continue the game, the game player
wishes to win the game, and failing that, to destroy it.

     The victim runs from the volcano, the OT puts the volcano and the
victim there, and then becomes the victim to enjoy the game.

     The victim will always fight for his side of the game, the OT may
fight for the losing side if he is moved at all, to keep the game going.

     Games that end are a LOSS to a Designer OT.

     The superman OT will try to be the Villan or Hero in the Victim,
Villan, Hero triangle.

     The designer OT will invent Victim, Villan, Hero triangles forever
for free and play the real good one's out periodically.

     Ramificatoins may be unacceptable to mortals...
     I believe that usually once set in motion, games are allowed to
play themselves out with maybe a few 'resets' along the way when the
whole game goes to hell too early.

     Players then become game designers for a while, rethink how this
game should be adjusted to continue it, make adjustments and then all
jump back in again taking up where they were a short while back before
the game ended prematurely.
     Resets are hard to audit and harder to believe in, but mostly act
as a distraction.  Once recognized for what they are, they aren't part
of the problem any more other than the being expanding out to take
momentary responsibility for the entire game again closer to present
time than one might have imagined.

     The OT's that we were long ago when we first descended into things,
fought wars of good and evil with each other etc, were more like super
humans playing the game full tilt, and less like the game designers who
made the game in the first place.

     We have had enough of super human's fighting wars for good and
evil, the magic of no magic has squelched that for good in this cycle.

     I at least, am more trying to rehab the game designer OT whose only
proof of existence will be the game you are in at the time of play :).

     "Invent a game".  - LRH

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