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>I have never understood that Axiom 31, I mean an ugly bugger is an ugly
>bugger ain't they, no 2 ways about it.

      Hubbard was lax sometimes in his wording.

      No way to make pain pleasurable or visa versa, although one can play 
games of inversion at sadism and masochism by connecting pleasure to pain, 
ie the only way to get pleasure A is to suffer pain B etc.

      Here is my view.

      Beauty is harmony, ugly is disharmony.

      Harmony is either a pure tone, or a harmonic mixture of pure

      Ugly is a disharmonic mixture of pure tones.

      This is mathematical and absolute.  Its one of those things that
we consider it is true, because we have no other choice, such as the
existence of native state etc.  We wake up from the Big Snooze with
these fundamental consideration sets in place.

      The tone scale is a scale of frequencies according to hubbard,
therefore any frequency, considered purely as it self is beautiful, no
matter how low tone.

      Lower tone frequencies are not AS beautiful as higher tone
frequencies, but beautiful non the less.

      Compare normal sugar with 10x sugar someday.  Both taste sweet,
but 10x is a real trip on your tongue.  That's 'more' beautiful.

      Infinite beauty approaches the infinite frequency of the static,
which is why Hubbard says that admiration is the most valued particle
and that beauty holds the facsimile in place, aesthetics.

      However notice this, in order to get ugly you have to get at
least TWO frequencies to interfere with each other.  Pure tones can't
be ugly.

      Two or more frequencies interfere when they are disharmonically

      Thus there are very high level uglies at the top of the tone
scale and very low level uglies at the bottom.

      Pain is beautiful when pure, but is rarely a pure beast, it is
usually a compound mess of frequencies from all over the tone scale
and thus is a massive disharmony.

      Desirability is for harmony and beauty, undesirability is for
disharmony and ugly.

      Pure pain is a harmony.  Common pain is a disharmony.

      Goals form areas of the tone scale.  Opposing Goals form
disharmonic mixes with each other thus causing disharmony.  That's why
they are opposing.

      If two goals formed a harmony they wouldn't oppose each other, it
would be nuts trying to put them into opposition with each other.

      There are also discords and resolves, that means specifically
crafted disharmonies which experienced by themselves would be
undesirable, if experienced followed by a harmony are worth more than
the harmony was alone.

      Thus we have REASON to create disharmonies, namely the resolve at
the end.  Not every disharmony can be resolved, so in theory only
resolvable disharmonies are created.

      Humor is the sensation of resolve.

      Sometimes two tones right next to each other like C and B flat
might form an unresolable disharmony, but C in the upper octaves and B
Flat in the lower octaves will.

      It is a common game of a thetan to try to create dischords that
everyone is absolutely convinced can not be resolved and should never
have been created, only to send chills up and down everyone's spine
when he pulls it off.

      That's art you see?

      Discords in search of resolves....

      Application: Pc has a bad somatic, really wants to die etc.

      Run "How many different frequencies make up this somatic?"

      Then get him to as-is each one in turn as a pure (beautiful)

      As the number remaining gets less and less, the somatic will get
stronger but be more acceptable.

      Eventually it will turn into a pleasure wave as strong as the
original somatic was painful and blow off.

      That was the beauty holding the facsimile in place.

      The postulate was the God Postulate that he was just sure he
could never resolve, and humor was the final blowing off of the
original sets of harmonies that started the thing before they became
mixed with disharmonies and became uncomfortable.


      "Mockup a low pure tone beauty".
      "Mockup a high pure tone beauty".
      "Mockup a low multitone harmony".
      "Mockup a high multitone harmony".
      "Mockup a low multitone disharmony".
      "Mockup a high multitone disharmoy".
      "Mockup a low multitone discord and resolve".
      "Mockup a high multitone discord and resolve".

      E/P, being can be and create art again.


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