Just to be ornery and with no intent to insult anyone, I would suggest
that there isn't a person walking around who isn't afraid of as-isness in
one form or another.

    Any time the pc gets the willies or the qualms a BIG as-isness is
around the corner.

    If he ain't getting the willies or the qualms then what the hell are
you auditing him on?

    Thus looking for that fear is in fact a good way to find the next
thing that really needs to be as-ised.

    Resistence comes from an unwillingness to let go of things, to as-is
and vanish them.

    Thug on the street is holding you by your arm, well as-is
your arm and go your way.

    Oh no!  My arm is valuable!

    Thug wins.

    Even in dreams when under attack by serious demons, sometimes I can
let go and the demon is left grasping fairy dust, or I can't in which case
the demon gets his fill.

    Letting go is ceasing the flinch.  The impingment ceases along with
the flinch for without the flinch there is nothing there to impinge upon.
The impingement goes through you.  The tormenting tickling turns to
pleasure waves.

    But flinch goes deep, deeper than our conscious awareness, we got
flinches where we don't even know we got places to flinch.

    So sometimes its hard to understand why the impingment continues
to happen.

    People go into apathy about their flinches, they think 'Well
that's just the way things are, I am fragile', and they stop
auditing it.



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