Kevin Brady ( wrote:
>I think that is a red herring issue.  You chase after the "truth" about
>it, rather than just discharging your case.  Just discharge the case,
>and the truths become more and more apparent, and abilities you have
>will become more and more available, whatever they may be.

      Charge arises from non accord between desire and view.

      Some argue that the thetan desires nothing fundamentally, so once
all desire and view are gone, charge will be gone.

      Some argue that desire is fundamental, although it can 'rest in
peace' once in a while.

      Charge then arises either from false desires or false views that
pretend to oppose true desire.

      By first clearing the subject of desire until one knows one's true
desire then clearing the lack of accord between desire and view auditing
will go much easier.

      Knowing what one really desires is an important first step.

      Adore says that no further truth will ever make you satisfied with
a truth you are disastisfied with now.  Thus if there is lack of accord
between desire and view, then either the desire or the view or both are

      If one really wants it, and one really can't have it, then one will
be stuck with charge forever.

      The Buddhist way has been a way of apathy, give up desire and
charge will vanish.

     Scientology has been the way of non apathy, find out what you
really desire and go get it.

     Those in apathy don't like this approach, gives them the willies.


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