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>#1. are you implying the ability to extract value from observing ones
>postulates as being "teachers" is non-existant, relative to the
>"superior" realization that one created such postulates?

>In other words, assuming for the moment, consciousness is not stupid,
>prior to a consideration (and or postulate of being stupid) doesn't it
>follow that "assuming the role of stupidity" serves some useful
>function to the consciousness that created it in the first place?

      Justice reigns at all times, namely you get what you consider.

      Clearly the native state being has no clue what he is going to
consider before he considers it, there is no plan to it, however there
may be fundamental underlying causes that cause him to proceed from
non manifestation into manifestation following a certain pattern.

      "The purpose of creation is to manifest art" - Adore

      However just as clearly the being can veto anything he considers
after the fact of considering it, thus if he creates something and
doesn't like it, he can let it go and consider something else.

      Thus anything that is persisting must have had the creator's ok
at the time of creation, including the considerations of persistence
and of stupidity, irresponsibliity, and death and hell forever for a

      So yes, stupidity was fair chosen with 'Living Majestic
Intelligence, and grand and Excaliper design'.

     "The source of all suffering is the fair chosen adore-operation
of cool, class, halcyon, sin-song, thrill and romance, via living
majestic intelligence and proud fancy free faithlessness of
grand and excaliper design." - Adore

      Sin-song is to sing another source done wrong song.  Sin-song
is not sin as long as it is just song.

      ExCaliper means without measure, worth without measure.

>I pose this question as you seem to imply it's an either/or
>proposition, in terms of value. Caused by consideration = good, Learned
>by observation = bad. Where I see both as being useful.

      Never made that implication.

      The consideration/observation flip flop is the alter-is necessary
to create persistence.  Without it, nothing would stay around.

      Looking by Knowing is as-isness.

      Knowing by Looking is alter-isness.

>#2. Whilst a deep sense of Freedom does indeed follow ones realization
>of oneself as being the source of ones experiences in the world,
>doesn't the potential consequential expression of personal arrogance
>offset the beauty of ones new found freedom? At least in terms of the
>brunt felt by others?

      Arrogance comes from separation from others, WE are responsible
for OUR condition, the HIGH-US.  You see, not the HIGH ME.

     "Meek is no one is a God, so we should all shut up.

      Self-righteousness is I am a God, so all of you shut up.

      Righteousness is We are all God's, so all of you shut up."


      There is only one group, the HIGH-US.

      The HIGH-US forgives the HIGH-US,

      So what to do with shame and shambles?

      Pride them, silly.  They need gentle loving care like little
puppies.  It's not their fault you're in trouble.

      GENTLE means GENerous Tender Loving Excellence.

      Of course.

      GENEROUS means you generate it forever for free.

      Tender means to TEND TO with Master Worship.

      Love is desire to express respect for admiral.

      Admiral is live high beauty.

      Gorge means to fill to satisfaction.

      Gorgeous means deliciously satisfying.

      Desire is always to gorge out on gorgeousness.

      Loving means to occasion and advent gorging out on gorgeousness.

      Excellence means High Out-Class.

      ExCaliper means Omni Out-Class.

      Mercy is the Royal Kindship of Imperial Majesty.

      The HIGH GROUP is HIGH COOL." - Adore

>To wit: Imagining (or realizing) oneself as being the "SOURCE" of ones
>impressions in life (i.e all of life, as a practical individual matter)
>in the absence of some seasoned spiritual maturity, tends to result in
>a disassociation from the deep seated connection to others one
>intuitively experienced, prior to their

      Of course, by choice.  Every high tone state has a low tone
mockery.  The low tone then use this fact to warn against getting back
to the high tone original.

      One is source of one's own impressions, but one invited in other
sources to co source, so yes one is sourcing the visiting sources
presence, but they are sourcing the actual experience.

      My ability was not to write the 5th but to grant the ability to
Beethoven who did and then invite him into my dream so he would do it
in my dream.

      One doesn't take responsibility for writing the 5th one's self,
one takes responsibility for granting that ability to the other and
inviting them into one's dream to exercise that ability.

      This is the joke to jealousy.  The other guy is so much better
but who granted him that betterness?

     He can write music I can't so I am glum.

      My OT power applied to making myself into a better musician will
fail until I apply my OT power to making others better musicians.

      *ESPECIALLY* if I am trying to making myself better BY making
them worse so I don't have to compete.  That's the route to the tar
pits.  Jealousy is the first step.

      Ability to grant others ability comes before ability to grant
one's self ability.

      Arrogance based on I am able and you aren't hah hah hah,
is a sure route to losing your power.

>Which problem Hubbard epitomized like no one ever before him.

      Hubbard was an Idiot Savant who taught best what he most needed
to learn.

      The God's chose him because he was just cracked enough to let the
light through.  What his ego did with it however is written in the
permanent halls of shame.

      No problem, his picture is right next to mine, I am honored to
be amongst such greats.


>Enter the RPF.


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