>A question - (sincere, I know there is alot of sarcasm on this site) ,
>Do you spend alot of time cleaning up 'OTs' that have left the Cof S?

       No, I do not audit others, except Jane.

>Is this a routine or general issue? As I have lost interest in going OT
>generally and feel it is better to just go OT in some other fashion ,
>or better still, not subjugate myself to the concept of OT (I am sure
>old time mystics wouldn't have obsessed over the idea)

       Most people who desire to go OT have no clue what it is.

       A being who is total cause over things will recreate himself as an 
aberrated human being pretty quick, but a human being more tailored to 
optimum survival in this day and age.

      Imagine being able to adjust your percentage of wins compared to
losses from a creator point of view and then reenter the game as a
creature again with your new improved chances of winning the games you

      The Creature can become the Creator to adjust his ability set as a
creature any time he wants to, if he dares.

      Willingness to play is highly related to ability to play whether
you chose the game or not, or whether you know you chose or not.

      Knowing you chose helps you play really hard games, but to have a 
serious hard game you have to forget you chose and believe the 
consequences are forever.

      Confidence comes from ability to play, give the bastards a run for 
their money that no one will ever forget.

      The purpose of an unlimited being is to create and enjoy

       All postulates are postulates of limitation lower than Serenity of
Beingness on the tone scale.  Thus one can not postulate that one is
serene.  Serenity results from postulating nothing, ceasing to postulate

       Remember the tone scale has two halves, the top half from
Sovereignty down to Amusement, and the second half from Serenity down to

      Gods operate out of Inspiration, Agony and Amusement and then settle 
into Serenity on the verge of time to enjoy what happens next in time via 
postulates and considerations.

       Postulates and considerations are BELOW Serenity and set up the
flows, and universes for everything below that.

       Everything below Serenity is CREATED, everything that is above
Serenity is Eternal.

       Most who want to go OT, want super normal powers to protect their
fragile body or life.  They are sub death, living out a solution to
prior regretted body deaths, and they want a better or more powerful

       They want OT powers to make sure that 'Must never happen agains',
never happen again, or 'Must never NOT happen agains' never not happen
again.  :)

       Anyone stuck in, to or around a body is sub death, engaged in
failure, pity, shame, accountability, blame, regret, controlling,
protecting, owning, punishing, approval from, needing, worshipping,
sacrificing to, and/or hiding from bodies.

       Actually those are the ones in good shape, the vast majority think
they ARE a body, BEING OBJECTS, or lower at the bottom of the scale.

       OT's create problems, humans try to solve them and eventually fail,
in part because they first fail to take full responsibility for the
problem BEING THERE by PUTTING IT THERE and thus keeping a finger on the
original moment of time it was created in, and then second by using
DOING SOLUTIONS of force, mass, energy and not-isness to solve these
problems LATER IN TIME to the problem's original moment of creation.

       The original intent of the OT is to create a game that would never
end.  They know full well this is impossible, but the OT tries to design
a game that will extend the encompassing while that the game lives in
for as long as possible, and then PRETENDS even to himself that it is
FOREVER in time.

       He who can create the marble, can move it.

       To what end though?

       OT powers flow effortlessly from OT motivations, but stick like
glue from human motivations.

       So first seek the answer to what is an OT and what does it want,
and there you will find you ARE an OT with all the OT power you could
ever want.

       Know by not knowing.

       Going OT is mostly erasing being human and its motivations.

       "Who or what would create a human?"

       "Who or what would CHOOSE to become a human?"

       EP is no longer human.

       And forget the question asking, run instead

       "Get the idea of creating yourself human."

       First and foremost solve and reoptimize the sub death game of care
of the body, then of each of the other material dynamics which are just
bigger "bodies."

       Taking care of things and being taken care of are major traps, not
that you shouldn't care or give a damn, but the care of the creator is
not the care of the creature and almighty divinity walks carefully as a
holy incarnation.

       An OT is a CREATOR of games, not a game player.

       Taking playing games seriously is a bitch.

       Been there, done that, bought the tombstone.


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