The tone scale is a scale of wave frequencies that range from high
at the top to low at the bottom.

     Waves are mathematical entities that change in time, usually from
positive to negative, up to down, or left to right, or something

     Frequency is how often the wave does a complete cycle in a second.

     Sound waves range from about 100 cycles/sec to 20,000 cycles/sec.

     1 Hertz or Hz is 1 cycle/second, a KiloHz is 1000 cycles/sec, a
MegaHz is a million per second, GigaHz is a billion etc.

     Radio waves go from about 500 KHz upto the GigaHz range, and Light
and X-rays are above that.

     LRH kind of felt that emotions belonged in there somewhere, but
effort, emotion, thought and aesthetics may not be the same kind of wave
as electromagnetic radiation, but none the less, being a wave, it would
have the qualities of waves.

     Waves have 3 basic qualities, frequency, amplitude and

     Frequency is how often the wave cycles in Hertz.

     Amplitude is how loud the wave is, or how big, or how far it swings
as it swings back and forth.

     Interference is the result of two or more waves interacting with
each other producing harmonies and disharmonies.

     First thing to notice is that a pure wave, usually a sine wave, is
always a harmony, as the only way you can have a disharmony is to have
two or more waves of different frequencies interacting.

     Even then some mixtures produce richer harmonies, such as when you 
mix a wave with one of its harmonics at 3/2 or 4/3 the frequency.

     For example G and C on the piano are 3/2 and they form a perfect
fifth, so called because G is the 5th note in the C major scale.

     But play C and some note that is 17/18's of C and you are going to
get a couple of cat's squalling.

     Another thing about disharmonies is that some disharmonies can be
'resolved' into harmonies.  The harmony that results is better off for
having been preceded by a disharmony.  This gives disharmonies a 'raison
d'etre', a reason to be.

     Finding a resolve for any particular disharmony is not easy, this
is what good art is about.

     Find an exquisite disharmony, and then find an exquisite harmony to
resolve it.

     Desire is for harmony, or for disharmonies that resolve into

     Harmony is beauty, and disharmony is ugly.

     Now generally people have 'high tone' confused with harmonious,
beautiful or pleasurable, and 'low tone' confused with disharmonious,
ugly or painful.

     High tone means high frequency and low tone means low frequency.

     Harmony, beauty and pleasure come either from single waves of *ANY*
frequency, or from discords and resolves of *ANY* frequency.

     Thus one can take two very high tone beautiful waves and mix them
and get a very high tone ugly (undesirable) cacophony.

     You see then that desire is for harmony and not for highness of

     Now admittedly a high frequency single wave is more beautiful than
a low frequency single wave.

     Get some regular sugar and some 10x sugar used for baking, and put
some of each on your tongue.

     Both are sugar and both are sweet, but the 10x is a real trip, the
regular stuff is, well kind of normal.

     So there is a natural tendency to want to go up the tone scale to
get to higher beauties, but if one is stuck in a high tone cacophony of
mixed waves of high frequency, then one can find solace in a harmony
lower down.

     This is the essence of the tone scale trap.

     Now Hubbard assigned various things to the various levels of the
tone scale, aesthetics and thought were way up, and then came action,
and pain, effort, and apathy and death and sub death etc.

     Most of us consider that pain is undesirable, and would have a hard
time conceiving of beautiful or harmonious pain.  But if pain is a
frequency of the tone scale, then as a PURE single frequency it would
have to be a harmony!

     Mockup a harmonious pain.

     Mockup a disharmonious pleasure.

     So how come then pain is almost always a disharmony?

     Because most body injuries consist of a complex mixture of many
slightly different incidents in restimulation resulting in a severe
disharmony of experience.

     The worst disharmonies are mixtures of waves that are just slightly
off from each other in frequency.

     Or try to listen to Chopin's and Tchaikovski's first piano
concertos together at the same time.

     A body injury is sort of like hitting the keyboard with your fists,
of course you are going to get a loud disharmony.

     One way to audit this is to take the injury and assess for HOW MANY

     Try it, the meter will read deeply when you get it right.

     It may come out to a few or very many.

     Say it comes out to 5.

     Then one by one, or in groups, locate the single waves, or
harmonious collections of waves and run them out as beautiful pain.

     Say two of the 5 were harmonics of each other, they would run out
together as a harmony of two different frequencies, leaving 3 left still
causing a disharmony.

     Then two of them may run out again as a harmony of two waves,
leaving 1 left.  Well that 1 HAS to be a harmony by definition, so run
it out the same way, and voila you have run out what looked like one god
awful disharmonious incident but which was in truth 3 separate harmonies
made of 5 different waves, making a disharmony.

     In this way one runs out ugly undesirable pains, by separating them
into beautiful desirable components and running them instead.

     If the pain isn't beautiful, it isn't ONE PAIN.

     Trying to run it as one ugly pain won't work, as there is no such

     OK so at the top of the tone scale the being creates in the mere
conception of things.

     So one day he gets the idea of this great big beautiful space
forever for free with all these trees and flowers and green grass, and
scattered through out are these absolutely gorgeous little spiders,
trading jokes back and forth, each one preening itself, and gleaming in
the sun.

     And he's just BEING there, and the space/time is just being there,
and the little spiders are all just being there having a good time.

     You see that scene is a complex set of waves that all form a
gorgeous harmony for the being.

     *THEN* he gets the idea that the spiders are dangerous and
poisonous and are out to get him.  All of sudden, as one, the spiders
start to align in his direction and begin their approach.

     He becomes absolutely certain that they are going crawl all over
him, go inside every body hole, bite him from the inside out, eat him,
and that he can't get away fast enough.

     At that moment his space and time crystalize into hard persisting
rock and he can't make the scene disappear any more.

     He can't wake up as he has fallen BELOW the original frequencies
that made up the original scene by adding in lower tone wave lengths.

     Now he has a problem, and that problem consists of an even more
complex set of waves than the original scene, and that problem turns the
original gorgeous harmony into a deadly nightmare, a disharmony of

     All he did was add some more waves into the original scene with his
postulates, waves that weren't quite in sync with his original scene,
and wham, he has a cacophony of terror and pain and undesirability like
has never been written in the books of man.

     Remember the Wall of Fire.

     This is the Wall of Bugs.

     So he is still BEING there, counting the seconds to his assured
doom, and someone comes up behind him and taps him on the shoulder and
says 'Hey you see that small building over there, there is an arsenal of
anti spider bazookas in it, they are all locked up, but if we run and
break down the doors we will have enough weapons to kill all these
spiders no problem!"

     All of a sudden his heart soars with *HOPE* again, for now he has a
possible solution to those spiders.

     He has a game.

     Lord save him.

     So he has added in a whole mess more wavelengths into his scene
that have turned it from a nightmare disharmony of waiting to die, into
an exciting rip roaring fun time of killing and being killed.

     Oh, he will recruit all his friends in to the war, they will
protect their women and children at all costs, they will devise better
weapons, and execute plans of daring do and kamikazee.  The glory will
go down in history never to be matched again.

     So what happened?  Did he go up tone from the nightmare back into
being happy again at a higher tone?

     No, he went downtone, he fell from a higher disharmony of being,
into a lower harmony of doing.

     If he had gone up tone from the nightmare band he would have been
back where he could just change his mind about the scene and it would

     Instead he fell down tone from the nightmare into a lower harmony
where DOING pretends to be sufficient for the solution.

     Now DOING will NEVER be sufficient to any problem, any solution
created by doing will merely become another problem later on.

     This is by sub intent by the way, the high tone original being
knows full well what he is doing even if he isn't consciously thinking
about it.

     Thus by diving down tone from disharmonious being into harmonious
doing, he is guaranteeing to set himself up for a further disharmony at
the lower tone level when his solution finally becomes another problem.

     He will then solve this new problem by falling down to an even
lower tone harmony with some new solution which then becomes another
problem later on and so forth.

     So where is the guy headed at this point?  Certainly not glory.

     He is headed down into further problem disharmonies, solved by
LOWER TONE harmonies that then becomes LOWER TONE disharmonies, to be
solved by even LOWER TONE harmonies, until he goes out the bottom.

     Assess for how many problem/solution cycles the guy is buried in
and you can spring him out of his present life which is a solution to
the problem of body death.

     Notice we are not trying to exteriorize him from his *BODY*, we are
trying to exteriorize him from his *LIFE*.  Oh hell, he can go back into
it any time he wants.

     So a being creates a scene from a state of BEING.

     This is a harmony.

     Then he creates a problem in the scene from a state of BECOMING.

     This is a lower disharmony.

     Then he creates a solution in the scene from a state of DOINGNESS.

     This is an even lower harmony.

     And thus he has a game guaranteed never to end powered by the
dwindling spiral of problems and solutions which become problems etc.

     Solutions based on BECOMINGNESS and DOING are headed down the

     Solutions based on BEING and finally not BEING (Native State) are
headed up the spiral.

     BECOMINGNESS is in time, BEING is out of time.

     So what is SUB DEATH?

     Hubbard marked death of the body at 0.0 on the tone scale.

     Now clearly the thetan survives the body death, there is the thetan
outside the body moping over a perfectly good lost body.


     And you wonder why he is a Black V.

     0.0 maybe zero heartbeats a second for the body, but it certainly
is not zero cycles per second for the frequency of the thetan, far from

     Since the thetan is still there and clearly functioning the thetan
must be SOMEWHERE on the tone scale above absolute bottom at -400.0 on
the tone scale or spiritual death.

     The thetan has a LONG ways to go between 0.0 body death and -400.0
spiritual death.

     Now the death of the body is a PROBLEM to the thetan.  Eventually
it became a SERIOUS problem to the thetan.  More serious that even mere
mortals can conceive.

     Early bodies were perfect and unique but fragile.  They COULD live
forever, but once injured they would remain crippled FOREVER or even die

     We call this part of the track FRAGILE IMMORTALITIES.

     Consequences became serious during this time of the track.

     So when a thetan was at 0.0 on the tone scale with a dead body at
his feet, his one and only unique, never going to be another one like it
ever again, he was in sad shape.

     I mean just think about your favorite dog or cat dying.

     So he had a PROBLEM AND A DISHARMONY on the tone scale.

     He eventually figured out all kinds of solutions to this problem,
most of which involved becoming the body itself and guiding it from
within, and losing sight of the distinction between the body and himself
to make himself more careful etc.



     These sub death solutions make him feel REALLY GOOD, and he was
just sure that they would end the problem forever for him.

     But they were DOINGNESS solutions at a lower harmony on the tone
scale than death of the body.  Thus the thetan entered into tone levels
BELOW 0.0 that were more harmonious at the time than what he was
experiencing at 0.0.

     At 0.0 he's sad about the loss of an irreplacable love.

     At -1.0 he's all happy and enthused about 'THAT will never happen

     He has found a solution to pity and those sad dying eyes looking at

     But man is he being CAREFUL.

     Run happy carefulness, and happy carefreeness.

     So SUB DEATH means that the thetan is living a solution to the
regretted death of prior bodies on the whole track.

disharmony of body death.

     By slowing down his frequency the thetan has made himself feel
better by adding postulates of doingness on top of the insufferable
problem of BECOMINGNESS that he had with bodies dying on him.

     Notice that BECOMINGNESS IS NOT BEING.  BEING is free from

     BECOMINGNESS is BEING constrained by added considerations, like

     "I am a goofball bumblefuck who couldn't keep a body alive if my
own life depended on it!"

     But he's overjoyed at the chance to try, you see.

     His BEING might have solved the problem for him, but his
BECOMINGNESS that he assigns to himself, sure as hell isn't, so he falls
to the lower harmony of 'going to DO something about it, by gum!'

     So now he comes back AS a body, he has fallen from HAVING bodies to
BEING bodies, and he gets born and he is all Rah!, he is going to take
care of this body, and punish those that don't take care of their
bodies, hang them out on crosses as examples to show people what happens
if you don't take care of your body, make a fortune selling nails while
he is at it and keep his body well to do, and he's going to start and
finance a whole war against non body care-ers, and Oh the glory of

     And he falls lower, and lower, and lower and lower.

     Lower means slower, eventually he becomes a rock.

     "Eventually all become marbles on the thetan plane..." - Adore.

     So notice anyone who is IN a body is sub death.  They are blaming,
shaming, protecting, controlling, owning, punishing, worshipping,
sacrificing themselves to, hiding in, being, or taking care of bodies.

     Imagine being responsible for the death of an ant.

     Now imagine being responsible for the death of a body.

     See the difference?

     'Tis why you are in a body and not an ant.

     Eventually they can't even control a body any more, they can't BE a
body, so they become PARTS of bodies, they become OBJECTS, and
eventually they can't even do that and they fall down to can't hide, and
eventually spiritual death.

     "Do with me what you will, I deserve it, good bye dear body, I am a
total failure, sorry I let you down."

     So that is what sub death means.

     It is actually sub problem, falling down from a disharmony of

     He's feeling better for a while, but he's going slower.

     Find anything the person is doing, especially the things he has
great enthusiasm and steely eyed determination for, and find out the
higher disharmony becomingness that the lower harmony doing is a
solution for.

     The person will exteriorize from his SOLUTION DOINGNESS and from
his PROBLEM BECOMINGNESS and regain his restorative BEING where all
problems dissolve naturally.

     E/P is astounding peace.


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