A controlling expectation is a statement about the future which
is considered observational but is in fact causal.

     Controlling expectations are one form of God Postulate.

     The God Postulate is that condition which the pc has been most
trying to change with effort and which the pc is the most convinced he
can never change.  He keeps a long record of failures to prove it.

     Effort can never change the outcome of a God Postulate, only
changing one's mind can.

     A God Postulate is that postulate which the preclear thinks is
true because he has observed it to be true, but which is in fact true
only because he considers it to be true.

     His observation after the fact of his consideration is used as
proof that his consideration has nothing to do with it.  He pretends
his consideration comes after the observation rather than before it,
and thus cements in the persistence of the postulate based on total no
responsibility for being an effect.

     In otherwords he turns Looking by Knowing, into Knowing by
Looking, which is the classical form of the Consideration -
Observation flip flop.

     With Looking by Knowing, one first knows (considers) then sees
(observes).  This is causal.

     With Knowing by Looking, one (thinks) one first sees (observes)
then knows (considers).  This is being effect.

        AS-IS: Knowing -> Looking, Consideration -> Observation

     ALTER-IS: Looking -> Knowing, Observation -> Consideration

     AS-IS is being cause, Alter-is is being effect.

     Notice that Looking is BELOW Knowing on the Know to Mystery
scale, so how can Looking give rise to Knowing?

     Controlling expectations are specifically God Posulates about
one's FUTURE.

     He is running on an alter-is, he thinks he has observed enough
future in his past to have figured out how things are going to turn
out in his future.  It's a prediction, an expectation based on
observation, rather than consideration!

     His causal connection to his future escapes him.

     When a preclear has located his one or more controlling
expectations, he will then see why his future has been turning out as
it has.

     He will understand his causal relationship between himself and
his future.  It won't be specific necessarily but it will be general
enough for him to see how he is controlling the general direction of
his future.

     This is a major turning point in the preclear's existence as he
understands why he is going where he is going.

     After that he can work on adjusting his controlling expectations.

     Then he is no longer headed down by being an effect, but headed
up by being cause.

     It is not sufficient to merely try to be cause to override being
an effect.  One has to see how one HAS been cause all along, that he
has been sitting in the Seat of Sovereignty has to come home to him
with perfect certainty, then he can adjust the God Postulate to better
tune his future.


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