OT power flows from OT motivation.

     Human power flows from Human motivation.

     OT motivation is to optimize games, to make games more fun for
both sides.

     Human motivation is to win games make the other side lose.

     The primary game being played at this time is the game of

     Survival of bodies against other bodies, of order against chaos,
of civilizations against planetary disaster, of anti-entropy against

     If you ask "what motivates an OT?", some would say, "Oh love and
compassion, and the selfless desire to help people!"

     What constitutes 'helping people'?

     Taking care of bodies?

     Helping everyone win every game they are playing?

     No that's what a HUMAN wants with OT powers, and why humans never
have them.

     Human's want to WIN and be guaranteed that they will always win
every game they play, for themselves and their loved ones.

     That's proper for a human, it is not proper for an OT.

     A human is a game player, and OT is a game creator.

     If a computer game writer were to write a game that the player
always won, would anyone buy it?

     So you see an OT is not a human, if the humans are winning
against the cockroaches, the OT will side with the roaches.

     Interiorization is self-determinism, being what you are defending
at the expense of what you are offending.

     Self determinism is human power applied to winning the game.

     Exteriorization is pan-determinism, being what you are defending
and offending to the benefit of both.

     Pan determinism is OT power applied to optimizing the game.
extending the play, and maximizing the enjoyment of play.

     You know some chess masters will play both sides of a game with

     Are they playing with themselves or against themselves?

     With what motivation would you play a game of chess with/against
your self?

     To win?

     No, to play.

     Why would anyone help both sides?

     Those who are trying to win games, hate having OT's around,
because the OT is always rooting for the underdog.

     That's good if you are losing, but bad if you are winning.


     OT Power is change by conception.

     The OT changes something by conceiving of it differently.

     It changes in the conception of it being different.

     If an OT conceives a marble some place else, it will be there.

     The prove-it case tries to cajole the OT into conceiving things
differently than they are, to prove that the OT has OT powers.  But
the prove-it case comes from human motivations.

     An OT can not be moved by human motivations.

     A human however can be moved by OT motivations.

     An OT can change a human or himself for that matter merely by
conceiving of himself or another different.

     All he has to do is get the idea of how he wants it to be and it
is done in the conception of it.

     OT Desire is Sovereign but only if it comes from OT Motivations.

     An OT has the power to create, change or destroy any part or
player in any game in existence merely by considering it so.

     Generally the OT approves of the prove-it case, so conceives the
prove-it case exactly as they already are, thus they remain a prove-it

     If a human wants to optimize his game, he need only become an OT
in order to do so.

     But the human motivation to win is diametrically at odds with the
OT motivation to optimize the game.

     OT's hate winning or losing games, for that's a no game to them.

     They much prefer the game of how long can we keep this game

     They love the game of cold war brinkmanship.

     They hate it when someone falls over the brink.

     So the human has to ask what leads to happiness?

     Affluence in the game of survival?

     What is affluence?

     Being the last one standing while everyone else has nothing?

     I think not.

     Happiness comes from an affluence of GAMES OF SURVIVAL, not an
overwhelming affluence in any particular game of survival to everyone
else's detriment.

     For example the business owner does NOT want to be the only game
in town having put out of business all other competition.

     That might make him the richest for a while, until he ends up
swinging at the end of a rope by an angry crowd.

     You are the only game town either because you are the last one
standing in a dying market, or because no one could compete with you.
Lord save your soul should that ever happen.

     The business owner wants to be in business forever, forever
competing against others of worthy measure, sometimes winnning the
contract, sometimes not, but each time learning how to make himself
better and more worthy of winning the contract the next time.

     The OT likes to play leap frog, everyone wins often enough to
stay alive, and keep playing and have fun in the doing so.

     The game dies as players die.

     Dying players is the anathema of an OT.

     That means helping the competition when it is down and optimizing
the playing field so as much competition can survive as wants to,
without putting yourself out of business.

     Longevity of happy play is happiness, not winning and everyone
else losing.

     Are you willing to play both sides of the game of life?

     Do you want to live forever?

     Even if you have to play both sides once in a while to keep life


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