The basic question is:

     "How do you feel about your future?"

     I personally am not like most others who are into clearing, I am
more a meatball trying to recover from being dead.

     Others are 'the able trying to become more able'.
     Most of the people in clearing seem to have reached a peace about
their future, but they also seem to have been born with it along with
awareness of their past existence.

     Me, being an infinite cynic, I tend to see their 'peace' as
apathy and glibness, but that's mainly from the computation that if
they are doing so well, how come they can't help me get there too?

     The answer is mostly that they haven't a clue how bad it can get
with some people, how far gone, or what to do about it.  They can
barely believe it, let alone mock it up in full force in themselves.

     Since they can't make it, they can't help it.

     So I am at peace with the failed help from the Church and all or
most auditing since, except my own solo.

     Most people in the Church are running on hope.  Promise of future

     When they get older they see it ain't working out, and they go
back to being what they were, emotional tumble weeds blowing in the

    Being in a hurry to attain a state of no hurry forever is a bit
of a contradiction, so eventually one just has to let life be and
let it live one until it can teach one how to live it.

    Homer wrote:
>Or you could do what I do and that is oscillate between taking it all
>too seriously for a few days, then discharge this against not taking it
>seriously and acting like a silly idiot.

>Or maybe not as this hasnt worked too well for me either.

>Thast why i read your posts in hope for more.


>"Get drunk, get laid and pass out"

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