There is a time for the speech of meatballs, christians and other
idiots, but this forum is not it.

     Just as there is a freedom to speak, there is a freedom to not

     The issue here is not censorship, but cutting out the noise from
a serious forum, so some work can be done.

     It is one thing to criticize how the Church does clearing if one
also posts how it ought to be done instead and why.

     It is quite another to merely criticize unconstructively which
results in a denigration of the whole subject.

     Such postings violate the 50/50 rule, 50 percent flame must be
balanced by 50 percent content.

     One of the most important states that a pc needs to attain early
on, besides awareness of truth and the way to personal freedom, is
knows he or she won't get worse.

     People can look forward to their future even though it might
contain a lot of ruin and despair for a while, but I don't think they
really want to see oblivion again.

     Getting them above oblivion PERMANENTLY, at least in this cycle
of choice, then is an early goal of the auditor.  He really needs the
pc up around demand for improvement, hope and help, which gets the pc
above fear of worsening.

     As the pc spends his money and his time on auditing, he IS
worsening by definition, unless of course he gets back more than he
invests.  Every investment cycle should return more than you invest or
it was a loser cycle.

     Continued investments in loser cycles ultimately results in Total
Failure, and after that Spiritual Death.

     Thus since one is trying to salvage pc's who have been at or near
these areas of the tone scale, they will be very likely to dramatize
them in the process of auditing itself.

     If you take $12000 for 4 intensives from a pc, you can bet the pc
will be watching every minute to see that his return is going up
faster than it went down the day he signed his check over.

     Usually he goes into session on an up curve of hope and then
falls down the emotional curve as his time runs out and case gain is
not to be had.

     For some pc's ALL auditing has followed this curve of hope to
despair for every intensive they ever bought.

     The payment of cash up front is the up curve of hope, its there
to be audited.  A time you felt hopeful, ah yes, gave 12 thou to the

     The next payment of cash to the reg comes after the despair point
of the previous investment having gone south.  It's like buying
stock that then goes down, and then you buy more.

     To tell the pc he didn't give it long enough is like the stock
broker telling the customer who bought 60,000 shares of stock that he
just has to wait it out, after the company is long gone, and you
couldn't short sell them if you want to.

     Now, knows he or she won't get worse, is a major state of case
gain.  Its not good enough to have it just for this life, for as we
get older and we lose all our friends and pets, and our own life
reaches end of cycle where we lose everything, all games, all
communication lines etc, getting worse becomes the order of the day.

     One must have some sense of desirable continuity across the trans
life time barrier, one that isn't just a being dumped into another
*TERRIBLE* situation where one should have killed everyone in the
family and oneself early on.

     Many pc's have to be run on 'Did you chicken out from kamikazee
as a child', or "Should you not have been born?" for hours before they
come up to admitting its an overt to still be alive.

     Getting to "knows he or she won't get worse" is going to be a
trek for these people.

     Since no one can stay the same, knowing you won't get worse means
knowing you will get better.  That's a major relief on the first steps
of the bridge.  Most only attain it in a glib fashion if at all.

     The first time someone dies, they are in the mortal horrors all
over again.  Pc's waiting for their parents to die are very hard to
audit unless they have crossed the trans life time barrier themselves

     "How do you feel about your future?"


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