rockyslammer ( wrote:
>Yes I'm sorry - the Earth is flat and the Sun revolves around it!

>The space cadets have a shock in store for them.

>If anyone out there can demostrate the existance of any spiritual
>being, thetan or whatever you want to call it I will gladly change my
>mind.  If someone can demonstrate the existance of any God I would love
>to to find out about it.  Mind you I suppose I should cover my arse by
>sitting on the fence.  When I die and I find there IS a God I'm going
>to be a little embarassed.  Mind you Heaven will be a bit lonely for me
>as all my friends will have gone to the other place!!  I will have to
>ask for a transfer.

      Looking to others for proof that you exist is silly.

      Waiting until you die for proof that you will live beyond body death 
is also silly, it also indicates a terribly closed down awareness with no 
perception of the divine.

      I would say you been saying no to really good drugs for way to long.

      Be that as it may, it is belief in false certainties that close the 
mind to true certainties, two of which are eternality and divinity.

      Cleanse your mind of the things you believe are true but which you 
can not possibly know are true, and let only what you are perfectly 
certain of remain, and the visions that the true truth has to offer you 
will start to turn on.

      However let one false certainty remain, one pretense to knowing that 
which you can not possibly know, and your mind will remain closed down.

      Truth is a jealous god and will not be seen with lie colored glasses. 
If you pretend to truth you do not have, then the true truth will not give 
one bit of itself to you.

      You have no certainty that others exist, only that you yourself 
exist.  Thus looking to others for certainty of anything about yourself is 
very ass backwards.

      Oh yeah, and doesn't work.


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