An OT is not human and humans are not OT.

     An OT is not a super human, and super humans are not OT.

     When a human looks out on the world he sees that there are
things which are not OK, things, which barring apathy, he must do
something about but has limited ability to do so.

     When an OT looks out on the world he sees that everything is OK as it
is, there is no need to change anything, but has the power to change
anything as he has the power to create it as it is.

     The OT can move out of his body and become the tree falling on
the child, because he has no predeliction to protect or save the

     The OT may be interested in enhancing the event of the tree
falling on the child and thus act to do so, but the OT will not get
into games of offend and defend.

     The OT may CREATE games of offend and defend, but the moment
he takes sides he becomes a limited human player.

     Humans seek greater ability to play their games of offend and
defend, they have taken sides with certain things like their own body
and the bodies of their friends, or their country, or planet and they
will attack anything that might endanger what they have decided to

     Their resistence of defense however solidifies what they are both
defending and offending, making it harder to overcome, and also locks them
into the beingness they have taken on to attack with, so they can no
longer exteriorize from what they are being and defending.

     If you are not willing to be the lion because it might eat your
body while you are being it, how then can you never hope to
exteriorize from your body.

     The being is stuck in his body because that is where he is
willing to be.  Period.  No other reason.  Its a matter of

     The being is not willing to lose the game of defense and offense
that he has taken on, and thus he is not willing to move out of his
defended game piece.

     When an OT moves out of any object to move around through the
universe, his movement is not determined by an effort to protect the
object he left behind.  He moves freely, determined in the moment by
enhancing the scene he is in.  Enhancing does not mean taking sides in
games of offense and defense, but it might mean creating new such
games, or helping existing games continue longer.

     Or it might mean passing on through having a good laugh at the drama
being played out.  It is beautiful to the OT regardless of who wins or

     Humans in their self determined games of offense and defense
demand of each other to reveal their powers, to ruin the edge
the other player might have.

     Outwardly they say 'Show me you can move the marble and I will
follow and serve you!'.  Inwardly they are thinking to destroy you
because you have the power and they don't.

     Be wary of those trying to inventory the powers of others.

     You will find out soon enough about another's power if the time
is right.

     An OT isn't even there any more, he's creating the demander and
demandee in the same moment.

     Now there's power for you.

     To ENHANCE games, not to win them.


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