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>>     Uh, I find it hard to believe that you speak for David Mayo.

>I am now 60.  I say without any doubt that scienology has NOT worked
>for me or for anyone I know.  Are you saying it worked for you??

     My experience in the Church was NCG.  No Case Gain.

     My eperience out of the Church has been rough, still looking for
an easier and faster 'bridge'.  But I am not hopeless, nor bitter, the
job I took on was way greater than I imagined at least for me.

     My present state is on the verge of so much case change so fast
that I can't take it any more, so the brakes are on full force.
     OT powers, case gain etc, is really only a matter of willingness,
so if one has a hard case, one must be up against a huge amount of

>I have never spoken to anyone who has been on the outside for a bit who
>still believes in BTs.  Do you?

     I don't *BELIEVE* in anything.

     There are things which I know for certain, and things which I
place bets on, probabilities.

     Belief is for losers and for Christians.

     Belief is for those that do not want to know.

     Faith is for those who can not know.

     Certainty is for those who would operate.

     Are you 100 percent perfectly certain of anything?

     "What are you perfectly certain of?"

     Run it for a while.
     What I would place a bet on is that the fabric of the universe is
made of living life, not cold dead matter as the meatballs would have
us believe.  Thus everything you see around you is spirit in some form
or another.

     The world exists inside of consciousness, not the other
way around.  Consciousness did not arise out of the physical universe
nor out of bodies.  The physical universe arose out of consciousness.
We play the game of being bodies in order to engage in persisting
dreams where we can have fun and pretend we can die and life is
serious etc.
     There is an aesthetic to being mortal, wrong and dead.
     Just as the ocean is filled in living organisms, my reality is
that the space and time around me is filled with living beings, BT's
if you will, although that term specificially refers to beings smashed
into my body area by various incidents on the track that may or may
not be OT III.

     Living in an ocean of life, BT's are the barnacles that encrust
the bottom of any seagoing ship.  Getting one's hull clean again is
possibly desirable, but it doesn't handle ole Moby out there waiting
for us a few hundred miles away.

     My reality on disincarnate other being's is getting stronger and
stronger, I solo 1 to 2 hours a day, and have for 30 years since I
left Scn, both on and off the meter.

     If you never have another being appearing in your space or face
and going 'boo!' at you, then you would have to be pretty far smashed
down the tone scale to keep them all that asleep.

     How far would you have to travel to find the nearest disincarnate

     That's like standing in the ocean and waving your hands in the
water and asking how far you would have swim to run into your first

     Or are you a meatball, and all beings have to have bodies to

>It wood be good to open up a dialogue with someone who consideres
>scientology works.

     Truth works.

     Scientology(tm) is an abomination of truth.  Not as bad as
Christianity or psychiatry mind you, but an abomination in any case.

     One needs to start at the basics, and decide at each level
whether what is asserted is truth or nonsense.

     For example, have you lived before this life?  If you
are a body, then no way.

     Ok, so who cares, either way, have you ever suppressed fully
experiencing a loss or injury?  Ok, good, can life energy be trapped
in such moments of unconfronted unwillingness?  If so, can postulates
made during such times come to rule your life?  OK, good, so if so,
then can digging into these incidents and fleshing them out fully
release that emotional charge and erase those postulates?

     Do beings suffer?  Do beings suppress suffering?  Does this have
a deleterious effect on them?  Can this be allieviated through
unsuppressing that suffering?

     You see really basic questions.  Doesn't matter if you are a
meatball or a BT.

     Then as for Scn, start at the very beginning, as-isness, and
alter-isness.  Are as-isnesses self vanishing?  Does alter-isness
cause persistence?

     What would 'vanish all mechanical conditions of existence' mean
to you?

     Do beings engage in not-isness of detested persistences?

     Do beings engage in make wrongs, and anger/guilt cycles?

     Do beings have a 'time track' with emotional energy encysted in it?

     Is a time track actual, can you pick it up off a pc and put it on
a scale?  Or is it just a way to talking about things?  A model?
     At each point you work with the basic until you come to some
reality that works for you.

     What you have at the end is YOUR view of clearing.  Not
Hubbard's, not Walters, and lord save us, not the view of some idiot
who wants to make it all wrong because he never understood a word of
it in the first place.

     If a person has never run a secondary, he has no business talking
about auditing.  If a person claims he has no secondaries or
suppressed fears, angers, sorrows and apathies from this life, then he
is lying to himself and to you.

     So really, how much bullshit can you take before you become a
wheel barrow?


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