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>     Thus I submit that we should look into how women feel about
>the FACT that they create men, and yet they feel overwhelmed by
>their own creation.  We must also look at how mothers who have
>these attitudes relate with their sons, and how this in turn
>results in sons that become what the mother fears most.

     >Implied in this inquiry is the attitude that women are not
>INsignificant in the scheme of things.  ^^ Typo corrected.

     Bottom line is equal rights means equal duties, and visa versa.

     If you want equal rights, INSIST on equal duties.

     If you want the right to vote, insist on being draftable along
with everyone else who has the right to vote.

     Or else vote the draft out of existence.
     For those with ears to hear, and a vote to cast.

Sun Jun  4 23:02:46 EDT 2006