>   Vernon Howard's
>                          SECRETS OF LIFE (R)
> "Living in the now is freedom from all problems connected with time.
> You ought to remember that sentence, you ought to memorize it, you ought to
> take it out, you ought to practice it, you ought to apply it. And most of
> all, you ought to rejoice in it because you have just heard how to not be
> wretched, miserable you any more
> but to be a brand new, and forever brand new man or woman."

     What this says is to not care about the future.

     Not clear to me that such a being will last long.

     One can do this as an OT, but not as a body.  Taking care of a body
and others that one loves, even clearing people of such care, involves
living in the future with goals, purposes, intentions, desires etc.

     The greater trick is to do this with out getting caught
in total seriousness.  All game playing is future oriented,
but can one play without NEEDING to win?

     That's the question.


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