> > > Religion is based upon a faith that magical moments have
> > > actually occurred, and that they can or will again.
> >     Wow, does this guy have an MU.
> >
> >     Homer
> >
> What is the MU (misunderstanding) here?
> Carol

     That religion is fundamentally faith based.

     Perhaps one could get enough of a pure definition of faith to make
it right, but the general definition of faith is belief without
evidence, belief based on desire etc.

     If one sees God, one has all the scientific evidence that one

     Seeing God or seeing space/time, what's the difference?

     Seeing myself is all I need to know that I exist with perfect
certainty.  Getting others to agree is irrelevant.

     Getting others to see God also, may be a problem, that they can't
replicate the experiment doesn't invalidate one's own experiment.

     There is an inner world and an 'outer world'.  Most think that the
world displayed in consciousness, the physical universe, is more actual
than the consciousness that experiences it, or the source of that
consciousness.  They in fact believe that the outer world IS the source
of that consciousness.  That's sort of like pulling a balloon inside out
and claiming to have a handle on the all that is.

     The world displayed on the conscious TV screen is not the source or
cause of the existence of the TV screen.

     The virtual reality seen in the VR helmet, is never the source and
cause of the VR helmet.

     The outer world has no evidence for its objective existence at all
in fact, but most meatballs can't be that honest, although a few will
admit it.

     Once conscious units start to seek honestly for evidence that other
conscious units exist besides themselves, they ultimately give up
searching in the outer dream world that pretends to such actuality, and
start seeking it through the inner world.  Those still lost in looking
outwardly for truth will never get it.

     They are what is meant by a lost soul, they define where and what
they are by what they see in their outward dream.

     There is no truth in outthereness of any kind.


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