> Thanks Homer,
> Much appreciated,as you may have noticed I have got myself stuck in this
> Buddhist thing, and it's driving me nuts.
> I got lots of processess and things to study but every time I try to start
> on something it comes up straight into my face, "Theres nothing you can do",
> "It's all just happening!", got myself in a right mess
> Mike

      From ADORE:

      "As for Buddhism,

      The dying words of Lord Buddha were,

      Death and decay is inherent in all compound things.  Seek ye
diligently therefore thy salvation."

      To save is to save from ruin.

      To salvage is to salvage from ruin.

      One saves the passengers, one salvages the titanic.

      Saviors gave up long ago.

      We are the salvage company.

      As for the Buddhists,

      Death and Decay are settling in." - Adore

      The issue is universes, games and action.

      A native state OT has no need for 'havingness' via games of offend
and defend.

      But neither does such an OT build a bridge, or light a fire or
enhance civilization in any way.  Without desire, or dissastisfaction
with the here now, there is no motivation to move.

      Thus do not look to a Buddhist to build a civilization, they are
too busy trying to get out of the one they are in.  Since they aren't
building it, it builds itself, mostly as a pit of despair, and thus they
want to get out even more.

      Only by coming in with an attitude that one wants to be in can one
get out.

      Only by reversing the attitude that one wants to get IN can one get
STUCK IN, which is necessary to staying here after you come in.
Otherwise if you just continue to wanting to be in, you will keep
popping out.

      You can leave any civilization you built.

      You can leave any game you are willing to play.

      So the tides of life are manifestation and coming in, followed by
unmanifestation and going out.

      Any civilization you build on the way in, will be wiped out when
you leave but that is as it should be, this leaves you a clean slate the
next time you come in.

      You WILL come in again, you know.  Tides are CYCLICAL.

      That is what you WANT, right?

      So again the issue is SERIOUSNESS, which is defined as getting
involved in forevers and nevers.

      Must be, do, have, forever/never.

      Can you play without needing to win?

      Can you build a civilization and be willing to lose the gambit, and
not end up swearing eternal (forever) vengance against who or what
thwarted you?

      That dude is your friend, what are you doing swearing eternal
vengence against him or anything?

      That's called a PROBLEM, and problems stop case gain, particularly

      Swearing a forever off on another sticks YOU in a forever, and YOU
suffer the hell RIGHT THEN that you are intending to create for him.

      You make it, you can't quite give it away, guess who has it?

      Can you play from the enjoyment of playing, and not the enjoyment
of winning?

      Does losing lessen your enjoyment of playing?

      *BODIES* have that problem, not Thetans.  Bodies are stuck in must
win.  Thetans natively come from must play.

      Who or what determines how you feel?

      At cause over matter, energy, space and time, doesn't mean ability
to move mountains.  It first means not being the forever/never effect of
mountains or anything else for that matter.

      It means being at CAUSE over how you FEEL about matter, energy
space and time.  Once you have your sovereignty back, then moving the
mountain is as easy as thinking about where you want it.

      OT's create *FUTURES* in which to play games.

      Withdrawing from games and living in the present is neurotic.

      Its an effort to not get into the troubles of seriousness by not
caring at all.  Its a subtle form of sub seriousness.  Gotta be serious
about not being serious or else...  This leads to hysteria.

      Its a form of desiring not to desire.

      Its just nuts, and yes you will feel it if you try to do it.

      Psychos live in the past, neuro's live in the present, and the sane
live in the future.

      The VERY sane, the OT, doesn't live in the present, he's not here
at all in space time.  Don't confuse freedom from being here, freedom
from being in a past/present/future, with 'living in present time'.

      Don't confuse 'living in present time' with 'living in the eternal
now'.  The first is a very low tone mockery of the second, based on
years and years of failure to create and live in a future.

      Living in the present is for bums or those headed for bumhood,
those who can't confront the consequences of trying to build a future.

      They fear becoming serious about it :)

      You can't be in a river and not swim, you can't be in time and not
play.  Otherwise the river and time both carry you where THEY want to.

      Playing at not playing is a neuro's way to waste time.

      The fact that a whole world, or religion or civilization is doing
this doesn't make it right.

      There is no peace IN space/time, there is lots of peace just
outside it.

      More than you can stand.


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