> I'd like to offer a non 'scieno' and non 'newage' (pronounced to rymne with
> 'sewage') interpretation.
> 'Karma' is best translated as 'involvement with the wheel of life'
> There is no 'good karma' or 'bad karma'; it's all just karma.
> The more you're involved with maya, the more you're involved with maya :)
> It's pretty simple.
> Of necessity, if you kill or even *murder* someone, you will very likely be
> 'involved' in maya.
> If you steal money, you are probably involved in that.
> The more involved you are in the universe, the more 'karma' you have.

      The above is correct but lacking in technical understanding of the
exact mechanism.

      Karma first results from being in the wrong place at the wrong

      If you agree to enter and become a part of a game called Killer
Pit, someone will probably try to kill you.

      So one and all are responsible for their condition, their are no
innocent victims.  Doesn't mean they are GUILTY, just means they chose
to enter knowing full well what they were getting into.

      But secondly and formost, a being is very hard to hurt, especially

      However should a being try to hurt another PERMANENTLY, and then
regret it, and then justify it and yet restrain doing it again, they
have withdrawn from an area of life, using tremendous forces of push and

      We talk about people 'pulling it in', this is quite literal, once
they have a withhold on a subject, its a huge vacuum they have set up
around their space to make sure nothing about the subject escapes to the
outside world, particularly to those trying to look in to see what is
going on.  "Nothing here!" the withholder is saying.

      You can't hurt another without exteriorizing from that other, this
backs you into a smaller space that doesn't include them.

      THEN when something bad happens to the withholder, it doesn't heal,
one because the being no longer has the horsepower to let it roll off
his shoulders, his power is all invested in withholding.

      And two because his regret makes him wonder if he deserves it, the
withhold becomes missed in his own space, so he isn't quite absolutely
sure he SHOULD heal from it, he gets the QUALMS about being better,
someone might notice and point out his mistake at daring to be happy.

      And three because the incoming injury acts as further justification
and restraint after the fact for the original overt act he committed
against others.

      You hurt me today, so I was justified in hurting you yesterday.

      All of stuck life is a DEDEX.  You commit an accidental overt act,
or someone convinces you that you have, you regret it, justify/restrain
it, and then someone does something to you, and boy oh boy has an
injustice been done to you!

      You also been trying to convince others they committed an overt
when they hadn't.  That may be the first overt.

      Forget the motivators and the later motivated or provoked overts,
its the DED/DEDEX sequences you need to get off the case to keep it from

      Just about anyone can solo a motivator/overt sequence, its just too
obvious.  But try to solo a ded/dedex sequence, and the guy just isn't
sure he has permission to get well!

      He gets to the qualms, and he just sits in them looking around him
to see if anyone is noticing that he is daring to get better, daring to
forgive and be forgiven.  Talk about sin, you know, that would be WRONG!

      How DARE he forgive and accept forgivance.

      So in auditing karma and involvment in maya, one is looking for
injuries that won't heal, on the physical, emotional, mental and
spiritual planes.

      Remember trauma is not the result of what is done to you, but the
direct result of what you did to yourself and the perp as a RESPONSE to
what they did to you.

      When someone does something to you, you got two choices, you either
as-is it, or you hold it near and dear and cover it up.  That's trauma.
Man is it precious, unique, valuable, fragile and irreplacable.  Do you
have any idea how hard it is to get someone to do something to you bad
enough to justify/restrain what you did before?

      You can't even find a good justifier/restrainer on e-bay for cheap
any more.

      So when you find the injury that won't heal, you need to find the
earlier why that made its festering precious.

      From adore:


      Immortals who dislike mortals have some karma to face.

      Namely mortals who dislike immortals are despicable.

      Karma is present time involvement with hidden shames of the past.

      Shame is a waste of time.

      So is Karma.

      Since you can not die, you do not deserve to die or suffer forever,
no matter what you do, have done, or will do, and your body does not
deserve to be hurt or damaged for anything that you have done.

      When Earth learns these two lessons, there will be peace on Earth
and good will toward men.

      Until then there will be suffering forever."

      From Adore.


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