For Curiosus.

     Define dramatization as bringing drama to.

     Define drama as seriousness, importance, permanence and pain.

     Define permanence as temporal (not eternal) forevers or nevers


     Thetans use question asking to hide answers from themselves.

     The act of committing effort to a question implies the prior
postulate that one does not know the answer.

     This is fine for learning by looking in the physical universe,
but is not fine for questions about one's self or basic nature which
one knows fundamentally.

     Question asking about the physical universe is extroversion.

     Question asking about self or basic nature is introversion.

     Introverted question asking is the sole cause of persistence of
case.  The being is afraid of knowing some answer, so refuses to look
and becomes a truth seeker.  He says "I will seek the answer to this
question all the rest of my days."

     Introverted questions consist of 'who am I, how am I, what am I,
where am I, when am I, why am I, which am I" and the idiot mother of
them all, "AM I?", amongst others.

     The more SERIOUS he is about answering his introverted questions,
the more solid he becomes buried under the heavy masses and solid wake
that heavy efforts engender.

     Seriousness means must succeed at all costs forever, must never
fail etc.  Forevers and nevers color game playing efforts into serious
efforts.  "This ain't just a game you know!"

     Serious heavy efforts can never succeed, so when ever you see a
pc engaging in such with introverted question asking, you know
immediately he is skate boarding out the tubes and down the drain to

     The pc actually doesn't need to know the correct answer to his
many introverted questions to get better, he just needs to spot the
dramatization of questions and the damage he is doing to himself by
fearing answers he already has, all of which are wrong.

     There is no fear at truth on the tone scale.

     There is no truth at fear on the tone scale.

     The pc can know the correct answer to any question he can imagine.

     But generally the correct answer to a generic "what is sinking
me?" will be the process of question asking itself.

     Thus the question he is dramatizing asking, IS the answer he is
seeking for.

     You can run 'What question are you dramatizing", but the pc is
more likely to dramatize that one also, and thus sink himself further.

     Most self auditing doesn't work because the being is dramatizing
auditing!  Out of valence no less.


     Phooey, a clear could care less.

     Thus this can be touchy business getting better.

     Once the pc understands the above material he will then get
reality on it soon enough, and his heavy dramatizings will hit him in
the face with clarity rather than confusion, and he will spot each one
as it happens and cease dramatizing that particular question so

     Then the next question will start to operate and turn him into a
pretzel, and he will spot it too in a while, and it too will become
calm again for the first time in ages.

     Questions are like clouds on a summer's eve breeze, you watch
them go by, you don't go running after them with all your might.

     Eventually the pc comes into a state of mind where 'yes these
questions are not yet answered but they will be one day, and boy do I
feel good not knowing one hell of a lot.' Then the correct answers
will come if any are still left to come.

     By the way a pc below Grade III will always grab the answer that
makes him feel the worst and run with it as the true answer.  It just
couldn't make him feel THAT bad if it didn't have some truth in it you

     A pc above Grade III will always reject the feel bad answer, and
go for the eternal good humor answer.

     The pc below Grade III will fear knowing because he knows that
the answer will make him feel worse, confirm his worst fears.
This puts him on a must know NOW *AND* must not know EVER.

     The pc above Grade III will not fear knowing, but will look
forward to the answer with willingness and high appreciation for
ludicrous demise.

     Affinity for knowing and not knowing leads to knowing, leads to
unmanifestation (not knowing), which leads to utter peace.


     A primary sub question of 'what am I?' is "Am I Mortal or
am I Eternal?"

     The being has come down through many cycles of wanting to live
forever, and wanting to die forever.  Each hell forever he ducks out
of into a death forever mortal life, is followed by another hell
forever once he gets sick of pretending to himself he can die when he

     Now beings can get VERY far gone on this cycle, many are still
walking around and were your school teachers as a child.  But many are
just buried stone deep in the pc's face as entities clustered together
sinking slowly in the muck.

     Clustering is the sole source of stuckness in life, whether
in a condition or in a body.  Clustering results from seriousness,
nothing else.

     In Dianetics they teach us to find the AESP's and run the
greatest reading one of them.  Well the primary AESP that needs to be
run is the seriousness chain.  That will unstick anything from
anything.  Once the pc is no longer a part of a cluster stuck to other
clusters.  He will naturally exteriorize.

     The being has gotten into this trouble over Immortality and
Mortality, by confusing ETERNALITY with INFINITE TEMPORALITY.

     Each one is a solution to the one before it.

     Immortality -> Hell forever -> Mortality -> Death Forever ->
Immortality etc.  Each one at a lower position on the tone scale, and
smaller sphere of action.  Eventually they become Christians or some
such, a very small immortality.

     No one wants to live in time forever, time is only meant to be
for a while.

     After one is done with his while, then he returns to native state
which is a timeless ETERNALITY, and then eventually returns back to
another while in time.

     One second in native state is like being there forever.

     The being tries to get back to native state but fails (by choice), 
and thus gets stuck in time.  He then tries to continue time forever which 
is a substitute for true eternality, and a hated one at that.  This is the 
the threshold that crosses over from game playing for a while, into 
seriousness forever.

     In time one can not help but be fragile, precious and
irreplaceable, along with everything else in the time stream.  The
only thing that lasts forever is people and peace, in native state.

     The HIGH US.

     Thus the guy who is trying to go to sleep forever in time (death
forever) or trying to live forever in time (hell forever) is on a wild
rollercoaster between the two wings of the dicom.  Each time he zooms
at maximum speed right by the middle which is peace in eternality.

     So you have the basic DICOM

     Immortal in time - Eternality - Mortal in time

     Hell forever     - Peace      - Death forever.

     Back and forth, back and forth.

     No wonder the guy is stressed.

     He doesn't WANT to be Immortal any more because it became
a god damn hell forever that he couldn't escape back to unimpingable
sleep at native state.  No humor there.

     He doesn't WANT to be mortal any more, because he can't cry
enough tears over not enough time for love.  No humor there either.

     He keeps flying right by the joke in the middle every time he
switches state from Immortal in time to Mortal in time.

     He would be much better off if he were swinging from OUT of Time
to IN Time, more often.

                               OUT of TIME
             Immortal in Time ------------ Mortal in Time
                 Hell forever              Death forever

     So you find him dramatizing away putting every ounce of his energy 
into 'Am I immortal or am I mortal?' Does God exist?  Have I lived before?  
Can I exteriorize?  Am I a brain?  What evidence is there?  Can someone 
prove it to me?  (no).  Do other's exist?  Does the physical universe 
exist?  If so how can I be immortal?  Is space an illusion? Is the PU a 
dream in my consciousness?  If so how come I was so stupid to go unlucid 
in the dream of life?  (Lucid means dreaming and knows he is dreaming.)

     This question asking is killing him, and everyone around him for a 
few city blocks at least.  So you gotta get this stuff quieted out so the 
guy can have a look at the divine and find the peace that passeth all 
question asking.


     The E/P of this process is NOT knows he is an immortal being.
The E/P is ceasing the nonsense that is stopping him from knowing and
destroying him in the wake.

     Run repetitively back and forth.

     "Get the idea you are eternal.  (outside of time)
      Tell me about it.
      Get the idea you are immortal. (inside of time)
      Tell me about it.
      Get the idea you are mortal.   (inside of time, time outlasts him)
      Tell me about it.

     Lots of cognitions will fall out of this process and the guy will
see what a nut case he has been about it, and finally be able to chill
out to where he is fit to know the answer again.  He will also see the
role that dramatization, forevers and nevers, and question asking play
in the persistence of his case.

     He will also see what everyone else is doing with their time and
not feel obliged to join in with them.

     E/P is able and willing to know the answer to any question and 
willing to and facile with moving between the three operating states of 
existence, eternality, immortality and mortality.


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