> My quest of truth is based on the hope that there is a spiritual
> universe.
> But I need true certainties. I don't want anymore to have but beliefs
> and blind faith.

     OK, listen and listen good.

     Are you capable of PERFECT CERTAINTY OF ANYTHING?

     Spot and locate.

     Then notice that space/time machine is utterly incapapble of
certainty of anything, including its own existence.  Figure out why.

     That's all you need to start the visionary process going.

> spiritual entities (however how to explain that when the brain is
> damaged the conscious unit is no more working properly?)

     Oh come on, the physical universe is a dream.  How do you explain
that the world lights up every time the sun rises?  Does the sun light
your dreams at night?  Its a HOOK TOGETHER.

     Do you need gasoline to run your car in a dream?

     If a thetan postulates that he IS a body, and is dependent on (non
existent) functionality in that body's brain, then when the brain goes
south, so does the thetan.  Such a thetan is probably totally
unconscious after death and just kind of rolls into another head if he
can in spite of himself.

     The effect is not caused by the brain, any more than anything is
caused by the brain you see in your dreams when you cut your head open
and look in a mirror.

     It's a dream brain, ALL brains are dream brains.

     Other's leave the state of coma behind them when they die and are
suddenly wide awake the moment the body dies and they exteriorize from
it.  Sometimes they rot in the brain until the body is cremated.


> But as a result I have currently a 50/50 ratio, no way to reach a true
> certainty.

     Bull shit, you are 49/51 against.

     You still suffer from false certainties that preclude you really
being at 50/50 which by the way is a VERY sane state to be in.

     Look the whole issue is perfect certainty.

     There are only 5 bins that knowledge can be in.

   "What are you perfectly certain is true?"
   "What do you think is probably true?"
   "What are you perfectly uncertain of?"
   "What do you think is probably not true."
   "What are you perfectly certain is false?"

     Now listen closely.



     Out personal integrity means you have some piece of knowledge in
the wrong bin.   That is all there is to out personal integrity.

     Once you have your personal integrity in, *EVERY* every piece of
knowledge in the right bin, you will attain your 50/50, and start to
have cataclysmic visionary experiences.

     They will leave you pulverized like dust in the wind.

     You will see such beauties and uglies, you will swoon from
the philosophical vertigo.  You will feel the undertow of oceanic
sorrows, and laughter so high it leads to absolute unimpingable peace.

     Do you cry yourself to sleep at night?

     Do you laugh yourself to sleep at night?

     If not, no case gain is being made.

     You will realize that you don't WANT to be immortal any more,
death forever was better than hell forever.  The NATURE of the
immortal you has become an alien entity to your human sensibilities.

     An immortal being is not a human being.

     Your biggest doubt is whether you want to be your original
immortal self again.  Are you certain of that yet?  You will be.

> If so, they are well hidden. Why would Scn hide them, when they
> presented the first Solo NOTs completions as persons with magical
> abilities, almost full OTs, when eventually it appeared to be untrue?

      Scn isn't hiding them.  They are hiding themselves.

> Yes, *I* have no evidence, and I want *MY* own evidences. Reading one
> thousand past life recalls from others does not help. Just I don't have
> any evidence that my deceased parents still exist in some place.

    Your lack of evidence is a sign of your own shallowness.  If you have
lived 20 or 30 or 40 years and have not one single shred of evidence
pointing to the possibility that you live beyond the grave, then you
should probably give it up now.  Or instead get some real auditing
to rehab those moments of evidence that abound in your life which you
are denying and making nothing of, particularly those in the 0 to 2 years
old range.

    Can't remember 0 to 2?  WHY NOT?  Nothing there?

    Nothing is a prep check item.  It means something is there.

     After you have rehabbed the plethora of evidence that you have,
then you can start looking for final proof, if you dare.

     But you won't find it in others, you will only find it in
yourself.  You already know that.

     Your dear departed lost ones are right where you are,
dimensionality of space and time are illusions, they don't exist AT
ALL except in mockup form and not even the mockups of space and time
have space and time.

     You don't need space and time to SEE space and time, you get

     Consciousness is zero dimensional.

     All of existence is zero dimensional.  NO not infinite
dimensional, *ZERO* dimensional.

     So you are looking in all the wrong places, if you are ever to
cross the threshold into the Eternal High US, you need to get your
personal integrity in, cut your certainties down to those things you
are actually perfectly certain of and would bet your eternity in hell
are true, and put everything else into the garbage bins and then you
may be able to contact something inside.  Once you see that YOU are
immortal you will know other's other.  Even if you had a visitation
from your parents now, you would only think it a hallucination a few
days later.

> I don't have many certainties, but I have many doubts.


     Are you certain you are uncertain or are you uncertain you
are uncertain?

     How certain?  Perfectly certain?  Willing to bet your eternity in
hell you are right in your certainty of your uncertainty?

     Uncertainty of uncertainty is mind broke.  Do you see this?

     Doubts are a good thing, except remember that doubts are self
casting.  Doubts CREATE evidence in support of the doubt.

     Ever done acid?  No?  Pity.  Yes?  Well then you know that the
slightest bad thought would cast a shadow over an otherwise goregous
day.  Just like a cloud moving in over the sun.

     The light of desire shining through doubt casts a hideous
reflection made of ludicrous demise.

     IT IS UNCONFRONTABLE.  You can always confront the truth,
no one can confront lies.

     Lies create mortality which creates infinite charge, yes
*INFINITE* charge.  An infinite being can create infinite charge.  But
the being can not confront infinite charge no matter how hard he
tries.  More of his energy is going into the charge's creation than
can be available to confront it, so the thetan always loses at total
failure on the tone scale.

     This doesn't mean one shouldn't doubt, doubt everything until you
are dead from it, but it does mean that you need to check all evidence
to see if it is merely being created BY the doubt or if it is actual.

     This is sort of the Adorian Uncertainty Principle, just like in
physical what you observe changes what you observed, well just so
doubting a truth makes the lie look more true.

     Once you know this you can correct for it.

     Practice it, practice doubting things, doubting that you
exist, doubting that you doubt, doubting that you can be perfectly
certain of anything, notice how quickly it drives you down tone.

     This is in part because doubt is certainty of doubt, not
doubt of doubt.  People who doubt they doubt are mind broke.

> One of my purposes is to reach immortality. By immortality I mean the
> continuity of awareness and of memories. I don't feel that I would
> escape the truth, whatever it may be.

     Good.  In dreams at night, do you remember other dreams?

     Do you even know you are dreaming?

     First come to know you are dreaming all the time.  Then your
dreams at night will give you access to your BT's.

     Deal with

     "You are beautiful."
     "Do you see each other's beauty?" (To the cluster members)
     "How many are you?"
     "How old are you as a cluster?"
     "What are you?"
     "Who are you?"
     "What is your intent?"
     "What is your common indicent?"

     Then maybe once you run into a devil or deity or two, and find
they don't respond to the above, but respond only to absorbing them
into your own body, you might make some progress on getting real on
how buried you are.

> That is not only a matter of curiosity. I am looking for an actual way
> to handle death better, my own death and the death of others.


     Until you hit peace and pop out of space/time.

     What is there to handle?

     What handle would be acceptable to you?

     Do you have any clue how long it will be before anyone who isn't
at your level of awareness is going to have control over birth and
death again?

     You are going to LOSE them anyhow, you may be able to see them
across bodies, but will they be able to see you?  Do THEY have the
balls to be immortal again?

     Where are you going to get those balls to give them.

> Death is THE thing I am totally effect of. When one of my friends or
> relatives is dying, that is a terrible experience and currently I am but
> a passive spectator of these things, there is nothing I can do. The only
> thing auditing can do is make that experience more acceptable, alleviate
> the pain, but not change death.

     Seriousness, importance, permanence and pain.

     Drama and dramatization.

     Preciousness, fragility, and irreplaceability.

     Who or what would create themselves as a mortal being?

     What are the aesthetics to being mortal?

     Who or what would create themselves as an Immortal being (in

     What are the aesthetics to being in hell forever (time).

     Do you really want to be an immortal being that engages in the
pretense of immortality and hell forever and then death forever?

     "Mortals bow and pray to the God of Time, Stone and Dust in the

     Their *FAITH* is not to be belittled.

     Eternal Pride however is Eternal Home.

     All the world is a stage, because all the world is a grave.

     If TimeStone be TombStone, then let wisdom be epitaph." - Adore.

> It seems that even in spiritual schools, people are in apathy about
> death. They don't think it can be changed, or that it would be a good
> thing to change it.

     Right.  This is very correct of you, the whole world is in sub
death about death.  Taking care of the body.

> I am working with the hypothesis that it is possible to change death,
> for example if reincarnation exists how to solve amnesia, or if our
> consciousness is dependent on the brain, how to make our consciousness
> no more effect of the brain.

     "The way in is the way out.

     The Creature can become the Creator at will, if it dares.

     The way to become the Creator is to BE the Creator becoming
the Creature.

     One Idolizes the Creator, and Worships the Creature.

     Watch it, Medusa is the Devil's Harem." - Adore.

     Here's another super powerful, almost crushing process that won't
leave you standing.

     Tell me Curiosus, you got balls?  Are you willing to be the first
one standing naked in the light of pure infinite eternal immortality?
You willing to be the only one who knows the truth while looking upon
trillions of others stuck in the tar, amber, obsidian glass and crazy
glue of MEST glowing with their little trapped self luminious
consiousnesses in the night of the void?

     OK, run this then for a few hours, really get someone else
to run it on you.

     "Get the idea the world is a dream."
     "Tell me about it."
     "GEt the idea the world is not a dream."
     "Tell me about it."

     RUN IT.  Don't just read it.

     Most don't have the balls, they would rather whine and natter and
complain about proof.

     Remember if MEST is actual, if space/time and dimensionality are
actual, then you are mortal, end of story.  No way is a non
dimendional spirit ever going to interface with a dimensional world.
The ONLY way a non dimensional spirit can interface with a dimensional
physical universe is if the dimensional physical universe is an
illusion in the non dimensional substrate of consciousness.  It's a TV
show, brains, and quarks included.

     But I will tell you something Curiosus, you are able to admit
that death is a problem.  That's doing WAY better than the rest.  You
are truely almost at 50/50, but not quite until you find the remaining
false certainties, and put them into the garbage bins of uncertainty.

     You know a perfect certainty CAN'T BE WRONG, you know this right?

     Its just not possible to be perfectly certain of something and
find out later you are wrong.

     If you find out you were wrong about something, spot how you were
never perfectly certain of it in the first place but were engaging in
knowable out integrity.  You could have known at the time, had you
looked closely, that you weren't perfectly certain.

     Spot a perfect certainty.  They are the lighted pathway into the
mind of God, for the AllThatIs is perfect, and this is the best of all
possible worlds, perfect peace would not be possible otherwise, and
thus wherever you find perfection of any kind, but in particular
perfect certainty, you are looking directly at God, the living AllThatIs.


Thu Jun 22 22:28:33 EDT 2006