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>There is no doubt, for me, that there ARE medical conditions that cause odd 
>mental phenomena that could be misinterpreted as having their origins in the 
>mind, rather than understanding their proper cause.  

    On the other hand being in a body is a psychotraumatic disorder
that preceeds any genetic, iatogenic, or other medical disorder.

     The real question is then, after someone has injested some radium
and is dying of cancer, does he have enough free theta to audit the
assumption of the body in the first place, thus curing him of the
diseased body without having to suffer its death.

     What is he doing IN a body, what is he doing believing he IS a

     Some guy gets on a horse, and starts to think he IS a horse.
That's nuts.

     Some being gets on a body, and starts to think he IS a body, and
that is just as nuts.

     Which is more nuts, an piece of meat that thinks he is spirit, or
a spirit that thinks he is a piece of meat?
>The problem isn't that the medical model is completely wrong, it's that it 
>is not the whole story, and typically doesn't take account of the causal 
>role of mentality.  Most situations are a combination of some sort of 
>physical/environmental agonist in feedback with the mind.  Saying it's all 
>mental, imo, is as much an error as saying it's all physical.

>Now Homer will call me a meatball, though.

     Hardly.  Here is the issue.


     1.) All that exists is matter, energy, space and time, and
consciousness is merely a process in the brain.  When the brain dies,
the process dies, and thus consciousness is no more.  All out of body
experiences, telepathy, telekinesis, past life recall etc, are most
likely hallucinations as there just isn't any possible causal pathway
for a consciousness to talk to other minds outside of the laws of
physics and the 4 fundamental forces.  Now admitedly there may be
other laws we don't know about ..., but fact remains that if
consciousness is a process in the brain, then when brain dies,
consciousness dies with it, and that's it bub.  There is no way around
this, if consciousness IS merely a complexity of parts in proper
arrangement, when the proper arrangment is destroyed, then the
consciousness function is destroyed with it.

     In this model the TV set (consciousness unit) is dependent on the
circuitry inside the TV set, which it can see by pointing its video
cameras at its own internals and looking on its own screen for what
must be inside the TV.

     2.) All that exists is consciousness, and matter energy space and
time are all hallucinations in outhereness, i.e, the world is
dreamtime, virtual reality.  In this model there IS no brain, space,
time, except our dreams of such.  Thus since consciousness existed
above and before anything projected in consciousness, once the brain
dies, the consciousness wakes up and continues on.  In this model the
consciousness is like a TV set that has become convinced that its
existence depends on what it sees going on on its screen, but what is
on the screen is displaying a virtual reality that in the end is
illsory as far as cause goes.  This theory allows easy access to any
paranormal power one might wish, as space/time and in fact all
external dimensionality are illusions in a scalar substrate, the
conscious unit, and all conscious units are actually connected at
source to the same zero dimensional 'spot', the AllThatIs.

     3.) Some combination of the above two, both dimensional
(external) and scalar (consciousnss) actualities are interfaced and
can affect each other.  In this scenario the existence of the
conscious unit is not dependant upon the brain for its existence, but
what is displayed IN the consciousness comes from the brain and its
relation to the physical universe.  That would include sensory stuff,
but not will and personal agency which exist as part of the
consciousness itself.

     Fact: There is no evidence whatsoever that the world is not a
dream or that apparent external matter energy space and time exist at
all.  In fact there is no possible experiment that can be done that
will prove that the world is not a dream, that externality is actual
rather than merely virtual.  THIS CAN BE PROVEN and has been endlessly
in the LCC series I have posted over the years.

     Fact: There is lots of evidence for paranormal experiences that
can not be easily explained in the first and third models, but can
easily be explained in the second.

     Fact: Conscious units love to play games, and create virtual
realities, and pretend they are actual.

     Fact: space time machines, or anything made of space time
machines can not be certain of anything.  Consciousness can be, thus
consciouss is not a space time machine, nor a process in a space time
machine, although it may conceivalby be interfaced with one, namely
the brain/body system.


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