Zinj (zinjifar@yahoo.com) wrote:
>Contrary to prediction, finding the 'cause' of a trauma does *not* reduce the 
>trauma (or the engram), but, instead leads to an unhealthy obsessive feedback 
>loop, where the trauma actually *gains* in significance.

     Pure unexpurgigated balderdash.

     Trauma is the result of one's resistence to the event, failure to
take responsibility for it and over it.

     There is nothing a being can not confront once he decides it
might be a good idea to try.  Things don't heal because there is
continued not-isness and protest on the incident along with negative
postulates on the undesirability of existence etc.

     The humor has not been found, and humor will heal ANYtHING.

>Finding the 'cause' of a problem almost inevitably leads to finding *other* 
>causes and incites *other* problems.

    Actually true, so when the being takes full repsonsibility for
both sides and ceases seeking external causes, the problem vanishes.

    Engrams are not external causes by the way, they are a RECORD of
the being having failed to take full responsibility over both sides
of an event.


Mon Jul 17 19:57:29 EDT 2006