Trauma is unhealingness in body, heart, mind or soul.

     Unhealingness is the result of protest of, resistence to and
irresponsibility for both sides of the event.  The body has a harder
time healing than the being, but the limits of healingness of the body
have not yet been tapped, as the body is infested with the being who
is unhealed from 27 universes ago.  Along with about 400 trillion
other sub beings packed in for the ride by the pc.

     Trauma can only persist in the presence of postulates to that
effect, I am victimized, tramatized, permanently harmed and this ain't

     Seriousness is anti humor.

     Dramatization is seriousness, permanence, importance and pain.

     Unhealingness is dramatization of how serious and forever it all is.

     PERMANENT LOSS, I will never be the same.

     The being has been involved in very deep anger/regret cycles,
blame and despair that have put him into total solidity on the matter of
hurt and harm.  He has felt he has been permanently harmed, and he has
tried to permanently harm others in return, and then regretted it

     No humor there you see, and thus no healing.

     This leads to eternal separation from others, and ultimately from
oneself if that's possible.

     Healing can only take place once the following items
have been handled fully, along with all subservient items.

     FOREVER      and NEVER
     BLAME        and REGRET
     FORGET       and REMEMBER

     E/P, able to create ludicrous demise at will, forever for free.

     Remember you want the ANDS, not the ORS.

     You want the times he and another blamed each other at the same
time, and regretted it at the same time and either did or did not give
full apology at the same time.

     Failed apologies are a whole science unto themselves.  For
example two beings can offer heartfelt apologies to each other,
somehow get the idea that the other being didn't get it or rejected
it, and then withdraw the apologies for ever more after having already
given them!  And they both do this simultaneously.

     Try to audit that out of a case.

     If it is between mother and son, you want the being as son and
mother blaming each other, and you want the being as mother and son
blaming each other in prior or future existence.

     This stuff forms obsidian glue and sinks like a stone into
oblivion.  This is WHY no one can remember the early years and why
they live their lives as a Black V.


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