A being can virtualize anything he wants to.

     If you cut the corpus collosum in the brain and the left hand
doesn't know what the right hand is doing, you might ask how come that
affects the being?

     Well if the being is outside of the body, it won't, but once you
enter the body you ARE the body, by the rules of that game.

     Thus if someone knocks you over the head in the virtual reality,
and the body goes 'unconscious', so will you.

     This is totally awesome what a conscious unit can mockup for

     It is that awesomeness that helps make the being think it is all
actual.  He thinks it all exceeds his capacity for self creation.

     That was his intent in creating it.

     It is still nothing more than a dream.

     There *IS* no out there while awake, any more than there is any out
there while dreaming asleep, no matter how much out there it looks like
is out there.  If all that out thereness WERE out there, you COULDN'T
SEE IT, as nothing can see anything that isn't a change in ITSELF.  A
thing can only see itself.  The fact that you can see out there, means
it isn't out there, its a display of virtual out thereness in a non out
there consciousness.

     There may be an out thereness that is actual, which is then
*REPRESENTED* by the out thereness perceived in consciousness, but the
perception of out thereness in consciousness is not proof of, nor even
evidence for, the existence of actual out thereness out there!

    Hello, anyone listening?


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