Hubbard said that native state was a static, which was cause over
all kinetics.

     A static has no space or time, no mass, energy, or wavelength.

     What a static doesn't have is DIMENSION AND EXTENSION.

     So of course it has no space, time, mass or energy.


     However in apparency this static is interfaced with the kinetic
world of space time matter and energy.

     A static has no dimensions.  No, it does not have infinite
dimensions, it has ZERO dimensions.  Mathematically that's called a

     The kinetic world pretends to have most obviously 3 space
dimensions and 1 time dimension, but if present string theory is true
then total dimensions being projected are 11 in number.

     Now the question is:

     1.) Is the static actual or virtual?

     2.) Is the conscious unit actual or virtual?

     3.) Is the kinetic physical universe actual or virtual?

     If the kinetic universe were actual, how would you know?

     Is it possible to causally interface a static zero dimensional
actuality with a kinetic multi dimensional actuality so that cause flows
between them both ways?

     Probably not, although the conscious unit, which is that interface,
is trying to pretend very hard that it is.  But mostly it is pretending
that the static doesn't exist at all, and that the conscious unit is
MADE of the kinetic.

     The symbol -> means gives rise to.

     TRUTH IS: Static -> Conscious Unit -> Kinetic

     PRETENSE IS: Kinetic -> Conscious Unit.

     The issue comes down to, can a static zero dimensional entity none
the less create illusions of dimension and space time within its own
zero dimensional substrate?

     Or does the fact that we SEE space in our conscious picture mean
that there IS space in actuality?

     Is there a difference between actual space and illusions of space
painted in consciousness?

     The idea that a zero dimensional actuality could project virtual
multi dimensional realities escapes most people, and thus they take
virtual reality for actuality.  They are below 26.0 "Apparencies are
actuality," on the tone scale.

     Worse they think their conscious unit is MADE OF THE PARTS AND
display thinking it is made of the things displayed on its screen.  If
you mess with the things on the display, the video display thinks it
will turn off forever!

     The video display screen in this case is scalar consciousness, and
what is being displayed is *ILLUSORY* virtual dimensional realities.

     Then there is the subject of cause.  Why do two electrons repel
each other?  Well there's a force between them, right?  Bull.

     The real question is what pushes time forward, does 'force' create
time by creating motion, or does time moving forward allow force to
usurp the illusion of cause to itself?

     Is there any such thing as actual force?  Or is force a projected
anthropomorphization onto electrons of our own conscious experience of
effort and being pushed?

     If time didn't move forward, force could do nothing.  So what now
is cause, time or force?

     Hubbard said that the static was cause, that there IS NO CAUSE
amongst kinetics.  Thus two electrons repel each other not because there
is cause between them (force), but because the static is creating both
electrons AND time to move forward so that it LOOKS like there is force
and cause between them.

     You see, static is cause, kinetics is effect.

     Even if the kinetic world were more than a graphic rendering in the
lighted screen of scalar consciousness, there would still be no cause
out there in all those moving ball bearings.  Their position and
existence would be being created in every instant by the static creating
space and time and moving it forward like a cartoon.

     But in fact a static can't create an actual space time with
kinetics in them.  If there ain't any dimensional to actuality, there is
no dimension in which to stick a created dimensional space time after
the fact of what exists primordially.

     But one can graphically render PICTURES of dimension on one's own
non dimensional substrate.

     It's cool to think your consciousness is made out of multi
dimensional incipient carrion, but that doesn't make it true.

     The conscious unit is the ambassador of the static, it has two
sides, one in each world.  The conscious part is the static side, and
cause flows from the static through the conscious port into the world of
kinetics.  Observation creates existence.

     The kinetic side is all the pretty color forms that thusly get
created and dance around, called real life, that are viewable in the
conscious screen.

     The conscious unit CONNECTS the STATIC TO THE KINETIC.  It is the
portal gateway for cause.  That is what will is.

     Source sources when will casts.

     What is actual is source/static and the conscious unit, and the
apparency of dimensionality rendered on the conscious unit's zero
dimensional perception screen.

     What is virtual reality is everything going on in that apparent

     One step down from "Hey I am a conscious unit!" is "Hey I am a

    Anyone listening?


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