>> What do you know about it? ...Have you seen
>> any success in this area?  ...Know of any good processes, or techniques
>> get the pc "out"...stuff like that.

     First I would start out on why one wants to be exterior.

     The reasons that come forward usually have to do with wanting
more power to protect the body based on postulates of fragility etc,
and thus ones effort to get out actually stick one more to the body.

     Thus running out the usual controlling, needing, hiding,
punishing, being responsible for bodies etc, tend to get the bullshit
reasons to exteriorize out of the way.

     An OT with full perception hardly cares for the body.

     An OT doesn't go THERE in order to PROTECT HERE.

     He also doesn't go THERE in order to ESCAPE HERE.

     One has to understand WHY an OT moves from here to there, then
once one has aligned with the flow, he can move.  Nothing is holding
him back from moving as an OT, except his attempts to move as A HUMAN
from here to there for HUMAN reasons mostly born of fear and
postulates of fragility and permanent loss etc.

     The human tries to go exterior by DRAMATIZING importances,
permanences, seriousnesses, pains and forevers.

     The OT moves because he could care less.

     The road is blocked for those wishing to move as a God for
human reasons.

     Anyhow Hubbard said that the above buttons on bodies were the
main reason people were interiorized into the body in the first place,
and also couldn't then reexteriorize.

>A few days ago a had a major cog. Looked like Theta Clear. But then the fear
>of exteriorzation hit me. So I'm not going out any place. I have
>declassified my cog to a Clear Cog on the 7th Dynamic. That sounds a lot
>safer :-)

     Running Danger/Saftey is a good route to stir up stuff, as long
as one doesn't run into the wall of preposterousness (infinite charge)
too hard :)

     Basically BEING is the most dangerous thing we can do, and
perhaps we are being HERE in our bodies because it is the safest place
to be.

     This leads to the interesting idea that we are not in fact
interiorized into our bodies, so much as we are forcefully
EXTERIORIZED from the rest of the universe, and this is the only place
we are willing to be.  It's like being blown out everywhere else in
existence to this one safe place.

>But not too much point in going out, if ones case can get one in again. Then
>better erase more case first. More safe. As who knows what else you could
>end interiorized into. A rock on the Moon or worse places :-)

     One feels one is held in by forces pulling one in or pushing one
in.  But its really a matter of willingness I think, and auditing
willingness and unwillingness is probably more fruitful than auditing
forces which are a safe solution to unwillingness to be free.

>> I'll talk more about all this in another post maybe if anyone's

>Go ahead. Although exteriorization is not my main interest at the moment.

     It is mine in the sense that I want to know why I am in a body,
mortal for 21 years in my own mind, and I want to make sure it doesn't
happen again.

     I fear death, not so much because I fear the demons that will
surely tear my soul as they do in my dreams, but because I fear being
reborn again and being even worse off the next time.

>> go exterior".  I have gotten a lot of flak over the years about my
>> in this subject.  Like "Focus on real life Rich, this exterior thing is
>> a cop out, it's escapism."  Shit like that.

     No its not a cop out.  Knowing why were are here in this
interiorized state is imperative to being willing to be here and come
in etc, it also allows us to see more of the world and deal with it
properly and choose our next lives more sensibly should we really want
one.  Unwilling births lead to atomic war.

    It's probably the most important subject there is.