Most people seem to be walking around in a self invalidating
philosophical cloud.

      The certainties they want to attain, whether they are mortal or
not, CAN NOT be attained until they have attained the certainties they
can attain.

      Once an unquestionable continuously reverifiable standard of perfect
certainty has been attained, like say "I exist and care", or 'Something
exists', or "I perceive different colors", this standard can be used to
weed out the remaining false certainties and vanities that people are
crushing themselves with, leaving their minds free to see the truth should
it deign to show itself to them.

      Like it says, you gotta knock, but you gotta knock HARD with
absolute tone 40 intent.  If the being is still lost in false
certainties and no standard of perfect certainty in sight, he will
never be able to muster the nerve or the might to open the door.

      It doesn't take force to open the door, but if the door opens you
had better be able to wield force or the on rush will sweep you away.

      And he just won't 'be there' if the door does open on its own, as a
gift, which it does once in a while (prime postulates).

      Thus false certainties close the door to wisdom because true wisdom
is always a perfect certainty.

      Perfect certainty is the beginning of wisdom and opens the
door to more wisdom.



      A perfect certainty is always 'Would you bet your eternity in hell on
it?' If truely a perfect certainty, the being should have no qualms about
making the bet.

      If the guy says "I don't make bets and I don't believe in Hell",
well send him on his way.

      He is lying and knows it.

      He makes a bet with every breath that he takes, and not only does
he believe in hell, he's TERRIFIED of it, as he is IN hell.

      He's already in hell forever underneath that 9 to 5 facade he
calls his human life.

      He is denying perfect certainty of anything, even his own existence, 
because he is terrified of certainty, as underneath the 9 to 5 nonsense, 
he is 'certain' he is in hell forever.

      He does need that false certainty cleared, but that won't happen 
until he admits its there.  However at that moment you will have one 
flaming crazy pc on your hands, so you had better have handled this 
material yourself and be able to audit it flying upside down with both 
wings on fire.

      How much would it be worth to you to know before you die exactly how 
long you will remain in hell after you die or your next lives?


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