Kevin Brady ( wrote:

>FreeSolo is just one technique, and it's entity handling.  I wouldn't ever 
>recommend handling anything that way, unless the person perceived an entity 
>to handle. 

    I am sorry, you are quite right, still got the wrong
web page.  I wanted the one on rising needle auditing.


     No entities here.

     Actually in looking over the page again, it seems to be to be
spot on, not sure one needs to do anything but audit entities, or
being entities etc.

    Ron said, "Things persist to the degree they are not
granted life."

     Engrams are just BT's in restim.  I guess its just a matter of

     Any consideration, AESP I come up with, I always check whose
it is.

     Anyway I remember talking to freesolo about it, now there's a
lady.  And perhaps I just extracted the rising needle tech from our

    I tend to audit beings exclusively, either me or others,
so I forgot that this page goes over the heads of most.

    "You are a BT!"
    "You are beautiful."
    "Hey buddy, can you give me some help?"
    "How many are you?"
    "Who are you?"
    "What are you?"
    "When are you?"
    "Where are you?"

     Also run with '...  am I?' on each of the above questions, when
auditing another BT.

     I have known I am part of a cluster for a long time, and when I
am auditing 'me', I am really always auditing 'us.' Life gets very
dead for me when I don't acknowledge 'us'.  It gets VERY alive when I


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