Homer wrote:
>>     The pretense of no worry is created by force applied to the
>>is-ness of worry.  Where ever there is a NO item there is either
>>nothing at all, or force applied to a something to create the
>>apparency of a nothing.  Apparencies are reality is at 28.0 on the
>>tone scale.

Ted Mayett ( wrote:
>Seems it should be:
>>Apparencies ~as~ reality is at 28.0 on the tone scale.

>Or maybe the word 'is' does not belong in this sentence.
>> Apparencies are reality at 28.0 on the tone scale.

>Whatever it should mean, it just seems a typo???

     First it should probably be 'Apparencies are actuality'.

     It means the person's reality has come to be considered actuality
by him, he is no longer aware that his reality is not actuality.

     "Apparencies are actuality" is a tone level, it means that the
being is taking apparencies as actuality, ie he has fallen into delusion
about illusion.  First his illusions become more real than truth, then
the being falls into delusion and believes in his illusions as truth.

     Also t tone level is 26.0, not 28.0 on Filbert's scale.

     The primary flip flop into apparency, is the being goes from an
infinite stationary orientation point creating all of space and time,
into a mobile symbol point inside that space and time which has now
itself become the infinite stationary orientation point.

     Stationary creator of space time -> Mobile creature of space time
     Power stems from the ability to maintain your position in space,
because power stems from flipping back out of the symbol valence back
into the orientation point valence where one is MAKING space time from
the viewpoint of the scalar static.

     Symbols have mass, meaning and mobility.

     PTSness (Potential Trouble Source) is taking an SP (Suppressive
Person) as an orientation point.  Thus one defines one's existence,
where and when one is, relative to the being or group that is destroying

     Orientation points are immutable and unmoveable, and can move the
symbol being around at will.

     A being can assign anything to be an orientation point for himself.
At first he knows he is it and everything else is a symbol of his
creation or agreement to.
     Then he starts the incarnation process by assigning it to spacetime
as a whole, where he becomes a symbol inside of spacetime.  Then he
limits it down to items inside of space time such as childhood home,
planet, country, mother, whatever defines the source and succor of his

     Eventually he goes PTS (Potential Trouble Source) and assigns the
orientation point to what is suppressing him.

     Once he assigns it to what is killing him or wants to kill him, he
grants the oppressor the power of infinite stationary, immuatble
eternality and thus he can not win.

     Thus auditing is directed towards getting the being to become the
orientation point again himself, which he is naturally, thus rendering
spacetime and anything suppressive within it, mere symbols.  At that
point he can cease creating them, and they go away for him.

     This produces spiritual freedom.


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